Tøyen Cola is a speciality in Oslo, Norway that needs to be tested

When you think of Oslo and Norway, you don’t think of a delicious coke drink at all I bet. But Distrita as very few international sites worldwide now reveals a secret in local Oslo soda production by introducing you to Tøyen Cola. A soda that you will only find in eastern part of Oslo. Read this article and you will know everything about this magic coke drink!

Rare and Delicious drink
You find it in the Eastern part of Oslo. In most of the foreigner stores driven by nice people from Pakistan and other countries mostly. Bunnpris also sells it at Grønland Basar shopping mall and also other stores that we haven’t managed to see it in shouldn’t be forgotten. When the soda producer releases it, its almost instantly sold out everywhere in the region. The shops manages to sell it pretty fast, because its quite unique delicious taste. Bunnpris employee managed to tell me that the producer is now building a bigger soda making facility in the area so they can sell more of this popular soda.

Other nice facts about this area is that it is one of the “cheapest” places to shop and live in Oslo. In the Grønland and Tøyen area there are hundreds of different types of shops opened mostly by foreigners. But also lots of pubs and it sometimes feels like youre not in Norway when walking around, but thats just cool really. Here people smiles and gives you service for sure. While haircuts etc costs above 66 Euro in Norwegian haircut places, here you can get it for around 22 Euros instead.

Here is some images from the area


Bunnpris just side by side Grønland Basar shopping mall. This store is infact open 24 hours a day.


Lots of older buildings in Tøyengata. They are part of Grønland Basar shopping mall also.


Grønland area. To get here you can take buss number 37 and 60. All of the metro lines also stops at Grønland underground station

Tøyen Cola is a little bit more Expensive and Exclusive
With a price of around 2.83 Euro, which is about 25.55 NOK this soda might feel a bit pricy for some. But if we reveal that the usual Coca Cola 0.5L in plastic bottle is getting sold at price at 2.21 Euro in Norway, it’s not that expensive. Tøyen Cola is only is a bit exclusive product and it is delivered in glass bottles and only in one size. You find it in the soda areas of the stores and best way of finding them is to check for the orange lids that is iconic for the soda.


Perfect for Dinner and as a chill down drink

Map of the area in Oslo where Tøyen Cola is sold in Oslo, Norway


Tøyen Cola reciept on the label shown on this picture. Also a description on how they make it is also put on it. Pretty cool.

Cola-reciept is based under GNU general public license

  • 7.50 ml oil from orange
  • 7.00 ml oil from lime
  • 2.00 ml oil from lemon
  • 0.75 ml oil from cinnamon bark
  • 1.50 ml oil from nutmeg
  • 0.50 ml oil from coriander
  • 0.50 ml oil from lavender
  • 0.50 ml oil from neroli
  • 20g powdered akasiegummi (gummi arabikum)
  • 195ml caramel color no. 50 (caramel)
  • 65ml citric acid
  • 18ml caffeine powder
  • ca 10kg white sugar
  • ca 90L clean water from the tap

This reciept is both found on their website and also on the label of the soda. The creators does really think new and we at Distrita really hopes that this soda gets a bit more known thru this article. Tøyen Cola product deserves to be mentioned as it is really unique and it really tastes great. We don’t just write about it because helping local industry here in Oslo, but because this is really a good product. O. Mathisen AS really have made a soda that Oslo can be proud of. Its not mainstream, but plans is there to make it available in more places. So if you plan going to Oslo, Norway. Then we recommend you to try your chance in getting hands on this soda drink.


Distrita Own Experience

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