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Apple Is Killing The Independent Repairing Market

Apple has sued an independent mobile repairman from Norway for importing illegal copies of mobile screens. The repairman is now convicted in the Supreme Court. This is not fair! It is really scary and worrying that Apple has brought this case and won. The gigantic Apple company has created this problem themselves, while the repairman

The Cuenca Tramway in Ecuador Opened

Finally, Southern America is getting more light rail tramway networks. It is finally time to show that Ecuador is able

La Cosa Rosa cocktail recipe with ice cubes

Easy Cocktail to prepare | “La Cosa Rosa” with a pink touch

Let’s introduce you for the Pink and Healthy Thing you should prepare at your next summer party! A striking cocktail

Alita Battle Angel Sequel Tease

The Alita Battle Angel took the world by storm in February 2019. I have written many articles about how great

The Streets of Essen will say Hello to trams again in 2025

The trams are coming back to the streets of the inner city parts of Essen in Germany. Was it a

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