vintage tram route in naumburg germany

In Naumburg, a city located in the heart of the previous part of former East-Germany. The city loves its vintage streetcars or trams that run on their streets. The city is very small with only about 30,000 inhabitants and still, it got a tramway line through the city. Naumburg isContinue Reading

Finally, the people of the Romanian capital can use metro line M5. It can be reached at Eroilor station which is served by metro line M1 and metro line M2. Reach new places on Bucuresti with metro line M5 now! Minister of Transport Lucian Bode finally announced at the beginningContinue Reading

What if you need to flush yourself when walking around in Tokyo, Japan? There are several options. But now there is something new in this remarkable Japanese town. Now Transparent Toilets is introduced in Tokyo as a new thing and it works! They look stunning in my view! These newContinue Reading