The German part of TUI is now allowing people from Germany to travel to the Canary Islands according to the Preferente website. The Wuhan Covid-19 virus is also present at the Spanish islands beside Morocco but the German TUI says that this is a choice that people can do. TheContinue Reading

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It seems like the hotels aren’t affected in New Zealand as much as in other parts of the world. Two new large CBD Auckland hotels are getting constructed. They run by the Sydney-headquartered company to be opening soon. One of them is an iPhone inspired hotel which will have 99Continue Reading

The countries across the world are starting to slowly open their borders. But activities around the globe are still not as open as before. The Wuhan Covid-19 virus pandemic has led to a lot of closures around the globe and the popular mountain Fuji in Japan. This is a mountainContinue Reading

Things are happening at Japan Airlines from the 1st of October 2020. From that day, the Japanese airline drops to say “ladies and gentlemen” on both planes and airports. “We have been promoting diversity in society since 2014, and this is one of the measures we take to treat everyoneContinue Reading

The Wuhan Covid-19 virus crisis has hit the Disney Group and its employees hard. Including the virus, Disney’s lost of interest to provide millions of Children with Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Goofy is something I question a lot. Disney is not what it was! Disney as a company hasContinue Reading