What if you need to flush yourself when walking around in Tokyo, Japan? There are several options. But now there is something new in this remarkable Japanese town. Now Transparent Toilets is introduced in Tokyo as a new thing and it works! They look stunning in my view! These newContinue Reading

It seems that the railway country Japan is finally launching light rail stretches in the country. Many of the railways in Japan could have been converted to light rail stretches and get way more passengers on their stretches. Just take a look at the light rail routes in Europe connectingContinue Reading

TOKYO (AFP) – They ve dressed Lady Gaga and now they want to dress more fashionistas in Asia: the husband-and-wife team behind Japan s award-winning ROGGYKEI label made their Tokyo Fashion Week debut on Saturday. Their edgy installation made much of the circle symbol of their brand, presenting circular skirts,Continue Reading

People from all corners of the world seems to see the U.S. President movements as treats to the stability in the world. 84% of Japanese people are now becoming concerned about the U.S. administrations actions. Global instability According to Kyodo News survey that is described on japantoday.com website, 84% ofContinue Reading