Canada Snowy Weather

The winter seems to be coming nearer and nearer in the northern parts of the world. Today, Distrita got a news item thru CBC in Canada that the southeastern part of Manitoba in Canada is getting loads of snow falls right now. 15 Centimeters with Snow expected on Thursday inContinue Reading

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Snow in Oslo on 1st of December!

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Blade Runner Movie, Blade Runner TV Series, Original Blade Runner Movie

Interesting news about Blade Runner 2049 as TV Series. I couldn’t hold it back blogging about it as the very first Blade Runner movie is one of my favourite movies of all time. With Blade Runner 2049 ruin the sci-fi atmosphere totally. I really question about how the Blade RunnerContinue Reading

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10 Best Movies ever Made

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Alita Battle Angel movie shows that a Smile is Worth living for

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Let's Taste the 50 Year old Hraun Chocolate, these types of chocolate bars from GOA will change the world

Bites of chocolate wafers, covered with crispy corn puffs and two separate layers of milk chocolate. This is what the types of chocolate that Hraun is, which I must admit that I have never heard of. Even though I live in a country that is part of the Nordic countries. I’ve neverContinue Reading

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Coca-Cola Lime is Refreshing

This summer must have been one of the hottest summers ever in Norway and Poland. During that time, I got the chance to taste Coca-Cola Lime in Poland when I had to visit the country because of my grandma passed away earlier this year. It was a small vacation, butContinue Reading

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Let’s Taste the 50 Year old Hraun Chocolate Crunchy bites from Iceland

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Beautiful Sky over Oslo, Norway that I had to Share with You

I want to share some photos that I have taken today. They are from Oslo, Norway. It's the town where Read more

Oslo Sunset Experience at a Secret spot

I want to share some photos that I have taken today. They are from Oslo, Norway. It’s the town where we at Distrita got our main office at. In my very first blogg post, I want to share with you the sky in the evening here. I love taking photosContinue Reading

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