Is this global warming or is it natural? How was it before the measurements started, we don’t know. But since they’ve started this temperature of 54.4C which is equal to 130F. It was set on 17th of August 2020, a year with lots of interesting things happening. The Death ValleyContinue Reading

Volcano Mount Sinabung erupts in Karo Regency, Indonesia. It happened on August 10th, 2020. People seem to be very calm even though the ash will soon cover the village. So, this is a place where not to go at the moment. This volcano is located in the northern part ofContinue Reading

What can you do during this pandemic times? In many cities it is hard to go outside because of the Wuhan virus pandemic. So, Why not re-watch some of the most awesome sci-fi series named Heroes that was aired back in 2006 when LOST popularity also was at its peakContinue Reading

What are you feeling? How is your mood? Do you need to get some uplifting music tones? Muuuzic is our Eurodance site and in this article, I go through 3 fantastic tracks that you can listen to on Muuuzic Eurodance site. Now its time to dance with somebody! Also, ifContinue Reading

There are many questions regarding the Wuhan virus. Is it from an official laboratory or is it as Taiwan News now spreads. A Chinese military virus? The coronavirus is what the mass media around the globe use for the virus, which has ravaged the world since autumn 2019. It isContinue Reading

The Traunseetram connects the district capital of Gmunden with the municipalities of Gschwandt, Kirchham and Vorchdorf and represents an important pillar in regional commuter, school, and tourist traffic. By merging the former Traunseebahn and the Gmundner tram to today’s Traunseetram you can go from Vorchdorf to Gmundner Central station andContinue Reading