Distrita was founded in january 2010, aiming at be a travel blog. We figured out that Distrita needed something more, so we decided to make Distrita more as a magazine portal for electronics, travel, media and lifestyle. At Distrita there are no limits what you can read about. Distrita also owns Amitopia and HelpToMakeYourMoney websites.

Now our focus, is to distribute news in all sorts of categories. We want to be an independent news source. We don’t cover the mainstream news that you find in the biggest newspapers or at BBC, FOX or CNN.

Yes, we tend to bring you regular news too, but our priority is to give you the news the rest of the media has forgotten to cover. We also concentrate on giving readers great reviews and guides. This is the place to be for you that want to get the other information. Remember, no news are too small, neither too big for Distrita.

We proudly present Distrita Team for you

– writer and developer from Norway
– topics: news, travel, gadgets and lifestyle

– writer and developer from Poland
– topics: news, transit, media, morphos, amiga, atari and retro

– writer from Mexico
– topics: news, food, festivals and lifestyle

Sally Ann
– writer from France
– topics: news, music, language and amiga

– writer from USA
– topics: news, biking, retro and lifestyle

– writer from Sweden
– topics: news and amiga


We would also like to say thanks to  everybody that has helped us with creating Distrita. Including contributors of material and our advertisers that helps Distrita going on.

Thanks for using Distrita and spread the other news! You are the one that can help us and let us bring the world a place where no one tells us what to do – Distrita is independent and most important slogan is: “It concerns you!”

– And remember that you can join us or just contact us about anything, we’re happy to answer you!

We appreciate all help we can get.

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