Now its time to Remember the famous Sony Walkman

The Sony Walkman is back for a small time as Sony makes sure that we all remember the glorious 80’s when their Walkman cassette player sold like hotcakes! Sony Walkman was a Revolutionary portable music player One of the biggest Electronics makers in the world is Sony. This electronics makerContinue Reading

puerto rico rocks

Puerto Rico is considered by some as the best island in the Caribbean and others as the best destination for weddings. The island offers a large variety of recreational options that range from coastal spots and ocean activities to the inland adventures found beyond their shores. Explore Puerto Rico’s beautiful landscapes, hundreds of years of history, four distinct cultures and – above all- friendly and good-spirited people who leave their mark on the hearts of everyone who visits.

Golden Gate Bridge, beautiful bridges, 7 most beautiful bridges around the world

Crossing over has never looked so beautiful! In this article, we have found 7 of the most beautiful bridges around the world. Bridges are just constructions to help people between valleys or rivers, but there is something powerful and majestic about bridges. They have become more than a pathway forContinue Reading

pyramids of Egypt

Visit the relics of Egypt’s Old Kingdom – the monumental tombs and the world famous Giza Pyramids! The last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World standing! They were built to endure an eternity – and they still stand rock solid, 4500 years later!