Second Amazon GO store

Back in 2018, we had several articles about the new Amazon GO grocery shopping project. A grocery concept that is spreading in the USA. A concept where there is no cashier to greet you with great service. Here everything is done through a Amazon GO app that you need toContinue Reading

The app store for Android smartphones, Google Play, celebrates its first anniversary and to commemorate the event to launched a series of deals for its users. “Since no birthday is complete without gifts, we will celebrate with special offers on Google Play for songs, TV shows, movies and books.’ll EvenContinue Reading

Second Amazon GO store

What if you could just go to your nearest grocery store, grab what you need, and go home? Now, this is a concept that Amazon Go has launched. You need to download the app and use it when you shop. No cashiers to talk to. What sort of grocery habitsContinue Reading

Iceland opened at two locations in Oslo Norway

When it comes to grocery shopping, Norwegians are perhaps not the most adventurous people. We already know what happened to Lidl, but Iceland seems to have a way different strategy which makes them entering the Norwegian market in a different way. Instead of trying to build their own stores, IcelandContinue Reading

What can you do during this pandemic times? In many cities it is hard to go outside because of the Wuhan virus pandemic. So, Why not re-watch some of the most awesome sci-fi series named Heroes that was aired back in 2006 when LOST popularity also was at its peakContinue Reading