As a huge fan of Abroad In Japan creator Chris Abroad. I am watching almost all of his YouTube productions such as Abroad In Japan (1.44 Million Subscribers) but this is his more personal YouTube channel. He is really talented and it shows in his productions. In these productions, heContinue Reading

Best Viking Games

If you love Vikings and everything about the Vikings era, you should check out these nostalgic Retro Viking Games I have found here for you. In this article you will find my personal Top 7 Best Viking Games for PC. Put on your horned helmet and prepare for war! TopContinue Reading

Tim Sweeney, which is the CEO of Epic Games that have developed Steam, is now critical to Microsoft again. Windows 10 Updates breaking Steam support Sweeney believes that this is yet another attempt by Microsoft to lock down Windows and shut out Steam. Similar to Windows RT, which means thatContinue Reading

When you are up for adventuring, you might be leaning to think about role-playing games RPGs where you assume a role, fight monsters and reach a final boss. However, that is not what adventure games are about. Adventure games are an interactive story where you have to unlock various puzzles,Continue Reading

Norway, Oslo: It is time to write what IOC, the people behind Olympic games actually requires if Oslo should get Winter Olympic games in 2022. It is a massive list, that provides info about that the Olympic games is not for the people anymore. The whole list looks highly demandsContinue Reading