Now you can take the world’s most modern tram-train light rail network in Aarhus, Denmark. It is a public transportation network that connects Aarhus with its neighbor villages and towns with a reliable service. One of the most annoying things that I find when I am visiting a new townContinue Reading

If you live in the city or suburban areas like Newcastle in Australia. You probably have access to public transportation. The new line that has been built has created more positive thinking for this remarkable city in Australia. All sorts of commuters travel to and from work, school, and shoppingContinue Reading

The biggest difference in this light rail vs rapid transit is not easy to reveal without lots of discussions giving huge battles about what’s right or not. But yes. There is a huge difference. Mainly because the light rail is tied to be bigger and faster tramways that use railsContinue Reading

Lots of new things are happening in Australia, despite all of the fire hazards that the country has been a natural disaster there with lots of animals affected by it. Then it is good that Australian cities such as Canberra are doing good regarding their light rail line. From AprilContinue Reading