I never forget her song that almost won, named as Gravity. It was fantastic and later on I started to listen way more to her music. I never knew about her, but her artistic, fabulous look and amazing voice makes Zlata Ognevich stand out. Read on about her newest song, which I have managed to get translated to “During the summer, the spring”

Zlata Ognevich, During the summer, the spring

Amazing video and voice

This video came out in February, but I just browsed her YouTube page again now and listened to this song which I just love. Its electronic, its mysterious, its filmed in new york and the whole video feels really refreshing. It fits the music very well and Zlata is as beautiful as ever.

Zlata was born on January 12th, 1986 in Murmansk when it was under Soviet Union. Then she lived in the crimean city of Sudak, in the south of Ukraine. Today she is 31 years old and her vocal is one of worlds best. Either its on a musicvideo or live, Zlata’s voice is so powerful. I am not a Russian or Ukrainian understanding person, but the language she sings is beutiful.

Placed on 3rd in Eurovision Song Contest 2013

For me, she is known from Eurovision! Her song Gravity, made me love every song that she have made. However, she tried to win Ukraine hearts without winning in 2010 and 2011. But in 2013, she managed to do so with her song Gravity.

On 14th of May 2013, she placed 3rd on the first semi-final in Malmö in Sweden. Because of that place, she also went to the final where she also placed 3rd! She scored 214 points and recieved 12 points from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Croatia and Moldova. She also hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 where she made an extravagant version of her hit Gravity, which you can watch below from YouTube.

Artist with the Looks and Sound out of this world

If Ukraine someday choose to be a monarky. Zlata Ognevich should be the princess for the country. She promote her country so much. Her looks, her smile and her voice is out of this world. Mostly there are singers that either looks great or have a fantastic voice. But Zlata got both and she have put Ukraine on the map. The whole world should support Ukraine. Russia should withdraw their troops from The Crimean Peninsula, is what is the right thing to do to establish more peace in the world. On the other hand its totally wrong from NATO to start building a protecting force near Russia.

So, both NATO and Russia should do the right thing. The world isnt in 1934 anymore. We are in 2017 and should move on with more peace and respect.

Spread love and understanding worldwide and this is what Zlata Ognevich does with her voice! Fantastic woman, that deserves a lot more attention from the world. Distrita wishes both Russia and Ukraine a superb Eurovision in Kiev on 13th of May this year. Unite! Unite! Beauty is not everything, but the whole spirit that is burning in Zlatas heart is important and she unites the world more than anyone else. Thanks to Zlata Ognevich for her important work with her music and spirit.