untitledThe name zentai suit was first born in 1886. In the early 20th century, zentai suit began to be applied in the circus and acrobatics for the performers’ wearing Avatar costume Neytiri.

Zentai (from the Japanese ゼンタイ) is a term for skin-tight garments that cover the entire body. Morphsuits is a company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It distributes branded spandex costumes, based on the existing skin-tight garments called “zentai”, which cover the entire body.

The company received a boost to its sales when the 2009 British Lions tour of South Africa, at which eight fans wore red Morphsuits, was covered extensively by sports journalists and photographers.

imagesCA7PRHQNMany early mainstream appearances of similar suits in North America were not their brand: The Green Men, two fans of the Vancouver Canucks NHL team, used Super Fan Suits, as do hip-hop group The Body Poets, while appearances on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia predate either brand’s founding.

As of August 2011, there were 40 varieties, and 50 as of September 2011. MorphKids, a children’s sized line, was launched in the United States before any other market. The company sold 35,000 units in 48 hours. Around Halloween 2012, a psychologist noted increased confidence and social skills in children wearing the outfits, and an “overall calming effect” in children with autism. In October 2012, Morphsuits launched their first licensed design, featuring Saban’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. The company claims the costumes were the “best selling item” in their history.