On our most popular Eurodance site. We do embed clips from YouTube and we really embrace this service that Google has given it for almost 2 years now. When you embed content from YouTube on your website, you also ease your internet operator capacity as the videoclip you play where the video is embedded is playing from the YouTube own server.

So! Embedding video is Making your site faster. YouTube Subscribe Increase will happen, once the ‘Subscribe’ butten feature is operational. It will expand the amount of people that can hit the ‘Subscribe’ button a lot. A nice gift from Google to the content makers.

YouTube Subscribe Increase the possibility with a 'Subscribe' button Soon

Soon you will be able to Subscribe on all embedded YouTube videos

Now you will see a lot of YouTube Subscribe Increase on embedded Videos from YouTube

Up until now, if you saw a YouTube video you liked embedded in a website, you had to click through the video to YouTube’s page in order to subscribe to that channel. With this new feature, YouTube is making it a little bit easier for viewers of the service to see the videos they want and be able to subscribe to the channel that they watch. Going forward, YouTube embeds will feature a “Subscribe” button very soon, which is a great thing.

Those which posts videos on YouTube should be able to show this button on all embedded video clips that people uses. On Muuuzic.com site this is something that would be really great for those that have uploaded the Eurodance songs to YouTube. If ‘Subscribing’ is the thing, why not let all people be able to ‘Subscribe’?

See the subscribe button in Action in the video below

You can see the subscribe button in action in the video below, which is our Samsung Galaxy Book 2 hands-on. If you hover over the logo on the top left of every video that is embedded. You will be seeing an option to subscribe to the channel that you are watching the embedded video from on YouTube. The feature was first spotted by 9to5Google and also Engadget is writing about this new feature.

By finding Two sources about this, we feel that this feature is soon available and that people will see YouTube subscribe increase once this feature is added.

It is good for the content makers on YouTube that this feature will come. If you love what they do, Subscribe to them.


Source: Engadget