Fire TV customers that is related to Amazon, will get their YouTube support removed on 1st of January 2018 if Google and Amazon haven’t come up with a deal that both companies can live with. It seems that money is more and more important rather than giving people access. Where will this end?

YouTube Error
photosource: Distrita – There is no way to get Odyssey Web Browser login to your YouTube or even GMail account since 2 years – Pitty

Google removes YouTube from Fire TV – Removed Odyssey Web Browser support 2 years ago

Google should have put YouTube into a special category. This service should be free for everyone wanting to distribute it. I mean. On any Windows or OSX or Linux machine with a supported browser. YouTube is available. By demanding humongous income from different TV on net solutions. Google earns on activities that is beyond adverts, which is not good.

Also. Google have banned all browsers except for Google Chrome and Firefox to be able to use their YouTube functions fully. About 2 years ago, I could use Gmail, Calendar and even upload videos from my MorphOS machine with Odyssey Web Browser that actually got webkit as its web engine, got great HTML5 video support and also got nice OpenSSL support. However, Google removed support for the browser and now all I can do is to watch the YouTube videos but not login. Google simply doesn’t allow me to login. You can see what type of screen I get, when I try to login using Odyssey Web Browser on MorphOS (see picture on the right).

Google prevents people using their services 

DailyMotion, Vimeo, Facebook and Gab social networks works perfectly.  Google Plus does not. However! Login, typing, pictures uploading or even video uploading works incredibly smooth with Odyssey Web Browser. So, to see that Fire TV customers will no longer be able to watch YouTube is bad but not shocking. YouTube is more and more about money than quality it seems for Google.

Several YouTubers have also changed their earning platforms. So, instead of having a good faith in Google, many have choosen to use  Patreon services instead with quite good results there.

We at Distrita thinks that Google should focus on making YouTube available for all types of platforms, no matter. We also think that Google should make YouTube an attractive earning platform for its users. It would give the service much more rich content for sure.

Amazon shouldn’t need to talk with Google about having YouTube on their platforms at all too. This should be a platform for everyone and still Google would earn enough to survive for sure.

Google should care about its users! Both in what they use and what they earn. I know that Odyssey Web Browser is out for a operating system platform which isn’t main stream, but I am using MorphOS everyday and to see YouTube or even GMail not reachable at all anymore is really bad. I use my mac or pc with it, but it’s not where my heart is. Google did support Odyssey Web Browser until 2 years ago. Everything worked, but once they threw out all support for other browsers than Google Chrome and Firefox. Using Google’s services have become more difficult for sure, and I ask… Is this what Google really want?

Doesn’t Google want to support all platforms? Isn’t the web supported to be for everyone? Will you force people to only use Google Chrome web browser in the end? Stop this please! Let people choose to use what they want as long as the platforms support the standards that you set. Dont charge people to use those standards. The web was made for everyone and that should always be the standard for anything that is web related.


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