Cicret feels the sensors at your skin and it feels exactly what you click or swipe at! The cons must be the resolution and it’s not sufficient responsive until now, but it’s still not finished. “It’s a dream we want to share with you” – so is the commercial from Cicret, and we at Distrita must admit it’s an interesting idea, and maybe in the future it’s as good as we can skip all touch screens. The pro must be that will not break the glass, lol!

Turn your arm into a Interactive Touchscreen arm

“Read your mails, play your favorite games, answer your calls, check the weather, find your way…Do whatever you want on your arm.” So continues the commercial text from Cicret. And we find the idea very tempting, although we are very sceptical at this point.

And then at the end of their site, they admit it’s not a finished product yet… They need contribution from us:
“We need 300,000 euros to develop the CICRET APP on all the platforms.
We need 700,000 euros to finish the first prototype of the CICRET BRACELET.
So feel free to donate an amount of your choice.
If everyone gives us 1 euro, we will make it and release our products!
For a donation to our paypal account, fill in the form below.”


And the latest news say

“Actually, we are still working on the Cicret Bracelet’s prototyp, so I’ll be able to give you a bit more information in weeks about the production planning and about it cost. But it definetly be ready for 2015/2016”

So let’s wait and see! Maybe it’s a revolution, or it’s the mark of the Beasts as some pastors state on youtube lol!