Here’s the YotaPhone, the first dual-mode Android phone that works on LCD and E Ink at the same time on each side of the phone. Yota has developed a few customizations and a new SDK to either just send screenshots of anything that’s on Android over to E Ink or to also enable interactivity on the E Ink side, such as flipping pages with their swipe gestures at the capacitive bottom that is on each side of the device.


The new YotaPhone has 2 screens, the one is with electronic ink. That means no lightning, like a classic e-reader, so that will will be a real battery saver.

It runs Android v 4.2 and will have a great 1280 x 720 resolution.

The phone has good specifications; a 1,5GHz double core processor from Qualcomm, 2GB working memory, and a 64GB internal memory. It will support 4G/LTE and NFC. The battery will be 2100mAh.

Expected delivery is to be between Q2 and Q3 2013, Yota Devices is a Russian company but the market for this dual mode E Ink and LCD phone can be worldwide.

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