Apple introduced OS X 10.10 Yosemite today, a new version of OS X. Yosemite has a brand new interface and got better integration with iOS (which is used by iPad’s and iPhone’s), without limiting Mac user experience. One of the main new features in Yosemite is something Apple calls ” continuity ” which makes the workflow across Mac and iOS devices much easier than before. iCloud will also be a essential part of Yosemite and the new iCloud Drive from Apple, will give ¬†Dropbox real competition. Yosemite will be available this fall as a free update to everyone with Mavericks OSX installed .

The most visible news in OS X 10.10 Yosemite is that the interface is redesigned and has gained a fresher and modern look . Apple says that the controls are now clearer, smarter and easier to understand, and your content will be in focus without compromising functionality . In practice this means that Apple has done much the same as in iOS 7 and flattened interface and provides more space for content than navigation, menus and windows. Furthermore, Apple introduces a number of transparent elements showing additional content appvinduet , so you can see what is behind them , and get an overview of the desktop.

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