The team behind Train Fever have released another game update (build 4363). First and most important, they have implemented save game compression. As a consequence, save games are about three times smaller now. This was one of the top community requests.

Second, freight train waggons now display the amount of freight loaded. In other words, the fill level of open freight waggons (coal, iron ore) is now visualized.

Third, they have translated the game into additional languages. The game can now also be played in French, Japanese and Chinese.

As a next step, they will focus on performance improvements as they are aware that some players got experience performance problems, especially with medium and large maps. The team are all confident that they can deliver a major performance update soon.

They thank everyone for continuing interest in Train Fever! There will be a lot more patches, improvements and also some new features will be released very soon. Also, Distrita will deliver its first Game review very soon!