Write Amiga disks from a PC with ADTWin

adtwinscreenshotADTWin is a free tool for writing Amiga disks from a PC. It requires a PC with a parallel port running Windows XP (later 32-bit versions of Windows might work as well) and a floppy drive that is connected to the PC’s parallel port by a self-made cable (detailed instructions are given on ADTWin website). The disk content has to be provided in form of an Amiga Disk File (there are lots of ADFs containing Amiga games and other software out on the web). Only the original double-density Amiga disk format (for 880kB disks) is supported (though HD disks can be used). The write process is about as fast as on the original Amiga (≈40s per disk using appropriate PC hardware). It is not possible to read disks.

Read the website for Requirements
. The most important thing to start with is that the operating system should be Windows XP (with service pack 2 or 3). Later 32-bit versions of Windows (like Windows 7 32-bit) might work too, but have not been explicitly tested. 64-bit versions or other operating systems are not supported.

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