If you love art that is beyond your imagination. Then we recommend pointing your browser to Wozita! A site launched on the 18th of December 2019!

Exotic, extraordinary and astonishing art gathered in one space of the net is now available on Wozita. A website that is run by the Distrita family. We launched it because of huge interest. Also, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter censorship of art is hurting. So this is a gift for artists wanting to release unique art.

Nudity in art is beauty, questionable and impressive. It has nothing to do with exposing the female body as an object. It’s rather embracing the details that she got. But Wozita is all about all sorts of art. It depends on the creator of the painting.

Presenting astonishing Art created by the Universe

Wozita is where dreams come true. The art explosion that the site will give the universe is beyond anyone’s minds of thinking. It is all part of the sci-fi, fantasy, sexy and abnormal categories. The artistic expressions of Wozita are unlimited. No strings attached. No limits are given to the contributor. But be aware of sharing some of the content on social media.

Art is an artistic form of expressing your desires and creativity. You can be a Picasso artist and you can be a Natural beauty creator. You can devote your expression to space and time or to another dimension. All of the contributions to Wozita is about helping your intense art interest. The site censors only things that are not suitable for anyone to see. The site will evolve and it is a huge question of how far it can go.

Wozita is a place where the artist can be totally free

Nothing on the site costs. All of the art is free of charge. So be aware of this. If you put it there, anyone can use it as Wozita follows that policy. If this changes in the future, you will all be notified on Distrita website. For now, the site will be advert free until January.

Once there is a great Contributing system built up and the site needs to be funded. This will change. But in a way so that art is never been put aside.

Welcome to Wozita!