Many travelers were stranded when WOW Air went bankrupt in March this year, and most people thought it was the final death of the purple, innovating low-fare airline. But one of the owners of USAerospace Associates, Michele Ballarin, purchased the assets of WOW air, and will actually relaunch the airline this autumn. The new owners have put 85 million dollars to put the company back in business. Now when WOW Air is relaunched, the first new route will be Reykjavik (Keflavik airport) – Washington (Dulles airport), and start date will be already next month.

The new WOW Air will only have two aircraft in the beginning, but may double the fleet by summer 2020, and the new future goal is to have 12 aircraft. WOW Air will operate under AOC, the US operating license, and apply for an Icelandic permission as well.

The Reykjavik Grapevine said Ballarin, described by the magazine as an “American arms dealer,” had her initial attempts to pick up WOW’s assets rebuffed. But she returned to Iceland with a legal and PR team in tow and forced through the deal. The company will be Icelandic, however, due to Icelandic company law stipulating that as a non-citizen she will only be able to own 49% of the company.

WOW Air is relaunched with brand new WOW factors for passengers

WOW! Will they really serve Michelin food onboard now?

The news owners will change WOW Airlines from competing in the low fare to a more classy airline with several WOW factors.

Among some of the improved things, there will be in-flight food prepared by a real Michelin chef and airport lounge access for the passengers.When this is being said, WOW Air will definitely not be a low-cost carrier after the relaunch.

WOW Air relaunch 2019

Wow Air is relaunched and will boost Iceland’s economy

Wow Air’s bankruptcy has had such a negative effect on Iceland’s tourism sector that the country’s economy, which was previously estimated to grow by 1.8 percent, is instead on track to contract by 0.4 percent. The bankrupt airline affected Iceland’s economy seriously and tourism numbers for summer 2019 have gone down, so the relaunch of WOW air will be warmly welcome by the Icelandic tourism industry. Earlier we have fallen in love in the cool fresh purple design, as it is standing out from the competitors. We at Distrita are happy to share that WOW air is not dead – and we wish them good luck with the exciting WOW 2.0 project.