An aircraft company from Iceland that is named WOW Air, names their aircrafts for different familiy name on their registration plates. They already have some family names on their aircrafts, which has dad, mom, sister and brother as names with TF- in the begining. However! Now they have also named one as TF-GAY. Interesting choice and it seems like WOW Air wants to demonstrate public support for gay rights.

About WOW Air
The company itself was founded as late as 2011, but this aircraft carrier company have been growin a lot since the start. Now they promote themself as a low cost carrier with a heart in Iceland. They use Keflavik airport as their main hub and then flies to many destinations as seen on the map below.

WOW Air destinations from Iceland

WOW Air map

TF Gay will be the first WOW plane to fly to San Francisco

The airline describe itself as “the airline with the biggest smile and lowest prices”. Now we hope that people takes this as a fun thing to do and not make it sound bad because of WOW Air supporting gay people around the world. It is the first time that I’ve read about a aircraft carrier doing this. Excellent and an interesting headline for sure.


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