Who is worst? Who are the ESC losers? Not all the contestants deserve to win Eurovision Song Contest 2016! Eurovision is not only about amazing performances and impressing voices. Many people watch it only to have a good laugh, and find something to laugh at!

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Finding the Hall of Shame is an attraction in Eurovision Song Contest, and you can even bet your money on who will get 0 points in Eurovision! If we should include the countries that already have been taken out of the competition, San Marino had been my Top 1 Hall of Shame of the entire 2016 edition. But to be fair, I will only consider the existing 26 participants that will compete in the Gran Final tomorrow.

Germany – like we never have seen it before

Germany has officially participated in every Eurovision Song Contest since its beginning in 1956, except in 1996 when its entry did not qualify past the audio-only pre‐selection round, and consequently was not seen in the broadcast final and does not count as one of Germany’s 59 appearances. No other country has been represented as often.

Jamie-Lee, a schoolgirl from Hannover, cast a spell over a million viewers when she won the season’s final of The Voice of Germany last December. Just two months later she went on to win the German national selection for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, Unser Lied für Stockholm, with the very same song, Ghost.

This fascinating, independent and exceptional artist, whose full name is Jamie-Lee Kriewitz, doesn’t take herself too seriously. She dreams of taking a trip to Korea, lives as a vegan and is an absolute fan of the Japanese Decora Kei style, as anyone can easily see in the playful, extrovert and colourful Manga looks that she wears. A style with which Jamie-Lee is already setting a trend: her eye-catching outfits have already become hot topics on social networks and no doubt all eyes will be on her in Stockholm. But our opinion is that the performance is very boring. She is not moving much, and she looks uncomfortable in the outfit. This is the excellent excuse for a toilet visit or to pick up another beer from the fridge. Otherwise the 3 minutes will feel too long and you may feel tempted to switch TV channel!

Czech Republic: – Could have been better

Gabriela Gunčíková was born on 27 June 1993 in Kroměříž, Czech Republic. She was a finalist in the second season of SuperStar and won the “New Artist” award at the 2011 Český Slavík awards.

She made two albums and played over a hundred concerts around the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2013 she has decided to improve her singing so she contacted one of the most famous coaches in the world, Ken Tamplin, and went to study singing in California. Gabriela has become the face of Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, as one of the best students with a voice at the global level.

The result of their cooperation has been found by Paul O’Neill from the American band Trans-Siberian Orchestra – and that is how Gabriela has become one of the singes of this band. She performed with them on two tours and about 120 shows around the USA.

Now she decided to go in the direction of her solo career. We had big expectations, but unfortunately it does not help when the song is nothing special. She delivers a performance that feels a way much longer than 3 minutes! Actually it feels sooo boring that I just want to sleep… Sorry Czech Republic. It could have been much better!


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Ukraine – an important political message, but that’s it

The 32-year-old jazz singer was nominated as her country’s entry for the annual pop contest, with a song that laments Stalin’s deportation of more than 240,000 ethnic Tatars from Ukraine’s Crimea region during World War II. While her entry earned huge applause when it beat five other rivals in a live television show, it is unlikely to go down so well in Russia, to whom is a none-too-subtle rebuke for the invasion of Crimea two years ago.

The singer, known as Jamala, was said to have been inspired by the memories of her great grandmother, who was deported from the peninsula with her five children in 1944 along with 240,000 other Tatars. Jamaladinova, an ethnic Tatar born in Kyrgyzstan, wept tears during her victory at the national final, where she performed in traditional Tatar dress before a crowd waving Tatar and Ukrainian flags. While her song avoids direct reference to Vladimir Putin’s 2014 annexation of Crimea, Ms Jamaladinova, whose stage name is Jamala, has left no-one in any doubt about where her sympathies lie. The lyrics begin:

“When strangers are coming/
They come to your house/
They kill you all/
And say/
We’re not guilty/Not guilty.”

We think the message in the song is important, and we support her in that. But we don’t like the song. It is definitely not a “catchy” song and you will afortunately never remember it afterwards. It begins ok, and becomes just worse after the first 20 seconds, and after 1 minute we really hate it. But we understand there are feelings involved, and she is good at sharing what the song is about. The song may be more popular among other cultures, we refer to the East of Europe, but we don’t think Russia will like it, and that is the only reason we don’t give it our worst score…

We must say that we don’t like to publish negative articlesa and predict the losers of ESC 2016, and we really hope they win, we are just honest- It is our opinion and it is just for fun. This is not an important game! Who do you think will get 0 points this year? Tell everything on Distrita’s Facebook page Here is our facebook page!.


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