Ultra notebooks are extremely popular, and all the brands compete in this segment with many sexy, slim and lightweight models. Every day the biggest brands compete about presenting world’s slimmest laptop. We have been especially enthusiastic about companies like Asus and Samsung, but now even Hewlett Packard shows an impressing model. The baby is named HP Spectre 13, and we must say that we liked the design from day 1! This is the Review: HP Spectre 13

In this youtube video, the author asks: Is this laptop TOO thin? Please have a look!

The slimmest computer ever

And what is is that we actually love with the HP Spectre 13? Everything nowadays is about saving space in your bag and it should not be heavy. With only 1 centimeter in width, HP absolutely fulfills this requirement, and we find the slimmy beauty very sexy too. The HP Spectre 13 is HP’s Premium model, and we actually need a Premium model to be satisfied by HP. We have tried so many HP computers througout the years, and we have only liked some of the Premiums ENVY notebooks. You only need one finger to open this beauty, thanks to a new mechanism, a hydraulic pump that is the main reason why this beauty is so lightweight.

All the unnecessary ports are dropped

On the HP Spectre 13 you will probably miss one port or two. But keep in mind that you need to sacrify something to have the slimmest computer out there. And we think you will get used to it quite fast, so you will survive, and learn to love it for what it is.

USB-C gives faster charging of your devices and quick tranfer of files

You find only one analog sound port (minijack) and 3 USB-C ports. All may be used as charging ports. We find that sufficient, as USB-C will be the new standard for USB of the future. We really hope this will become the universal port for all devices (including Apple, and that’s very unusual news, really great actually.) It doesn’t matter which way you plug in the new USB-C cable, and that’s a good thing. It is much more powerful too, actually 4x times more powerful than the old USB you are used to. This results in much faster charging of your devices! You may even transfer files much faster, actually up to 1,2 gigabite per second. You may even transfer photos and video, so HDMI will no longer be needed. A great thing with USB-C is that it supports all the old USB devices and cables so you will not need to worry about that.

Review: HP Spectre 13   Rating: 4.3 / 5

Conclusion: HP Spectre 13 ultrabook

There is only one bottleneck on this device, but it is on an individual perspective. Personally I would not have bought this device, because I cannot handle blank screens. They become almost impossible to see when you are sitting in brighter environments, for example airports, offices near windows, and you cannot bring it out on a sunny day. For a ultra notebook this is an important aspect, at least for me. I want to bring my ultra notebook everywhere whenever I want. The quality of the screen, the colors, brightness and sharpness are indeed very good. But it gives too much reflections because of the blank display. That is why I will wait to buy it until they launch an option with matt screen. If you plan to sit mostly in the basement, do not worry about this at all. Except of the display, we would give it top rating and name it the king of all the sexy, slim and lightweight laptops right now. And the thinnest computer right now, it already is, for sure, world’s slimmest laptop.

World’s slimmest laptop comes from HP

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