Maggie the Kelpie is a dog that lived in Australia. A farmer in Woolsthorp, Victoria, confirmed the news to The Weekly Times. However the news also states that they didn’t really knew the dogs age because of the farmers have lost the dog paper.

Over 200 human years!

If we took the age of 30 for Maggie and put it into human years, that would be 200! Yes. She have been a brave dog, but because loss of papers the her age can’t be put into books.

Officially, the oldest dog in the world is still in Guinnes Recordbook and it still belongs to Bluey, an Australian cattle-dog which also came from Victoria. That dog reached 29 years and five months, but lived over 60 years ago which is quite long time ago. Bluey was a male dog and he lived from 1910 until 1939, when he was put down.

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