amigaos_ballUSA, Sacramento: It is time again, to reveal new happenings in the Amigaworld. From 18th to 20th of October, in Sacramento. There will be AmiWest Computer Show, which will be held from Friday 18th of October until Sunday 20th of October. So, if you’re supposed to go to Sacramento at that time, be sure to visit AmiWest. It’s the 16th show at the very same Holiday Inn Express hotel.

Here you will see all sorts of Amiga machines, but also have a chance to talk and try out the newest Amiga hardware available. Amiga is fully alive and it’s still commercial. Blackberry, Nokia and Tizen have lost their grounds. Atari is no more. Sega stopped doing consoles, with Dreamcast. Now, Amiga still is doing strong. Although it is much smaller in popularity than before, it still exists.

Distrita is here so the world will know!