The Longest Trams in the world (November 2019) are unique and they run in Budapest, which is the capital in Hungary. These are very long trams and they run daily on the same street level as cars, yet they fit a lot more people than cars, buses or ordinary trams. But because of their length. They must run in an environment that can handle them.

Budapest is a city that is used to have trams for many years. It is nice to see that this government seems to do a lot so that people can travel without polluting the air. I think that many other cities around the world should have done the same! It is great to see them working for a better city life experience for everyone.

Budapest Now Has The World’s Longest Tram in Regular Traffic

In this 2 million city in Hungary, they have two types of trams that are pretty long. Siemens Combino Plus is one of them. They are the oldest longest low-floor tram-train in this city. They were the world’s longest tram trainsets for a long time.

These tram-trains measures are 53.99 meters long. But in 2016 they were beaten by CAF.

With a length of 56-meter-long wagons. CAF has made some very cool trams for this capital that are record long. There are some cargo trams made by Siemens in Dresden that are 59.4 meters long, but they are not for passengers.

This means that the lines in Budapest which use them can have way more people traveling with them. This is needed in the capital such as Budapest where the population is nearing 2 million in the city itself and over 3 million in the area around the capital.

Árpád Bridge is crossed by Distrita team

When we at Distrita visited the town. We crossed the Árpád Bridge in October 2019 from Pest (the western part of Budapest). This is the part of the city where the huge city center can be found.

In this area where we visited we saw the most spectacular McDonald’s Restaurant that we have seen. It sits just beside the main train station.

From here we took the long tram-train to Buda (the eastern part of Budapest). Here our travel time experience was very comfortable. It was spacious with lots of seats available, even if it was the rush hour.

The tram stations for these long trams worked much better than expected with bigger platforms. There is lots of information at the station with maps and no dangerous areas to hit. So you will never hit the car traffic unless you really want to. People in Budapest also seemed to be very friendly. They all knew where to walk and that culture should be learned in other cities too.

Because of their nice way of being. We could easily walk to the tram. People just knew where to go so there wasn’t anyone blocking. This made us very pleased and got a very good impression of how people are towards tourists and themselves when using their public transportation system.

Yellow painted 56-meter-long trams binding Budapest

We took the Line 1 with its 56-meter-long trams crossing the Árpád Bridge in Budapest. The full name of this type is URBOS 3 CAF. Their exact length is 55.9 meters. On this line, there are 12 vehicles of this length that runs on Line 1. The carriages are designed to meet all the needs of passengers in Budapest. They are all low-floored, air-conditioned, fully walk-through vehicles, and they are also ideal for the elderly, as the seats are all easily accessible.

The older trams in Budapest got stairs and because of this hardly anyone with a stroller or using a wheelchair cant travel around in Budapest so easy. Check out this article regarding wheelchair compatibility on the Budapest transit options. But with these and other upgrades that BKV company will be doing. Its nicer times ahead for anyone visiting Budapest.

If you need a huge MAP that tells you where all of the lines go to. Then we recommend UrbanRail’s maps site which got transit maps for the entire world. Check out its Budapest tram map on that site here. We recommend anyone that loves to see unique trams to take a visit. This town got so much to see for anyone loving a big city. It is affordable and yet it gives so much back. You won’t be ruined here. Also, you help the economy which this city needs badly. With the trams in the town, you can visit many parts of the city that haven’t been covered in the media around the world.

It is also more affordable to go around in Budapest when you go around with the trams, metros, and buses there. Many like to see and feel the authentic feel of the place where she or he is traveling to. If you have more questions then we recommend you visit the BKV Official Website or even Budapest Now which is an online magazine giving lots of unique tips to do there.


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