Brevik is a small, idyllic town in Norway. Norway is not known to arrange too many great events… But the Bacalao Festival in Brevik has been a success! Every year lots of people hang around in the small city centre to buy bacalao and beer. It has been a tradition!

Delicious Bacalao in Norway

Norway is known overseas for it’s delicious bacalao, but it’s a shame that most Norwegians are not proud of it’s delicious food. Unfortunately I think the kebabs and hamburgers have taken over! At least it’s a headlight that the Bacalao festival has been so successful!

The video below is from last year’s bacalao festival, but today’s event was a great success as well, and we were happy with the weather as well!

Do you want to taste Norwegian fish specialities too?

PS. The music in the video is in Norwegian, and the music is a kind of “dance band”, feels a bit silly for the younger generation (we use the expression “harry” for that kind of music, but the older generation loves it!) Anyway, we love events like this, and we would welcome more events that can let us make our traditions more clear for everybody and the world.