The new Nokia Lumia 930 is the new topmodel from Microsoft. Can it knock out the all the mobile cameras on the market? Nokia has always used Carl Zeiss cameras, and they have been the leader in camera phones for ages! E.g their old phones before the first iPhone, Nokia N series, including N80, N95 took very good photos! They even had a protection button for it’s lense on the backside, something we miss! Another great thing with the Nokia phones are that they have always have a camera button on the side of the phone! It’s easier to take steady photos without shaking, especially if you haven’t the second hand available! So we give thumbs up for Nokia/Microsoft! We are tired of all the bad cameras, even in the topmodels like HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S series, they don’t impress us much! So that’s why we are excited when Nokia is working to improve their cameras all the time!

Lumia 1020 is already known as the mobile monster on the market with its amazing 41 MP camera, while Lumia 930 has “only” 20 MP. But how are they compared?

What do you think of the new Lumia 930?