World ignores North Korea and its actions

WORLD: Big news! North Korea did a nuclear bomb test. Still world is just talking. There is no actions, just talks. When Statoil got problems in Algerie, military forces came and helped. It was also easy for USA to bomb Iraq, and now almost all western countries focuses on Afghanistan. But North Korea? Who? USA patrolling a border for South Korea (Pilot Guides) that no one dare to cross. Does North Korea power control USA, Europe and others from western? Seems its only talks and sanctions against North Korea, but no actions within country to fight its poor people and especially children. 

Traintrip inside North Korea

Mostly of us having internet,  have seen documentaries on Discovery (can be found on YouTube!) and on national tv-channels about the terrible situation for people in North Korea. No one seems to take it seriously. The world just look and don’t act. Its a terrible disaster. Living in North Korea must be a nightmare, and all is act. They claim to be communists, but in the end North Korea exceeds communism into extremism. I also lived during communism in Poland, and what I see and read is not what I remember at all.

Uncut North Korea footage:

North Korea is a disaster in life. Even Cuba is doing better! Same with Burma.So,.. maybe now.. USA or any other country with sense will act. China even warned North Korea before this nuclear blast test. But North Korea doesn’t listen. They even don’t see their own people. The country is so poor and yet they have no Internet, no access to foreign tv channels and until recently have no right to own a mobile phone.North Korea is a beautiful country.

Propaganda in Pyongyang. From 2009

See all pictures from those two which traveled from Austria in Europe to North Korea just by normal train. They crossed the border between Russia and North Korea, and took lots of pictures. Wow! North Korea is so unique and nice. But its politics demolish any hopes for a good future. If North Korea just did the Chinese way of communism, or at least give people freedom and will to vote in democratic elections would just help. In Poland during communism, we had a life even if it was strict. If North Korea did politics in right communistic way and gave every citizen same rights in a good way. Then North Korea would be much more liked.

Hope for a better North Korea in the future.. And please stop torturing your own people Kim Jong-un. Please.. It concerns all of us!

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