World Biggest Chocolate easter Egg unveiled

Big chocolate covered Easter Egg in ArgentinaHumans world records just goes to new heights. In Argentina, Bariloche they have revealed a giant chocolate easter egg.

Just look at it here:

This chocolate egg is eight and a half feet high and six feet in diameter. Many local forces had to step in to create the egg, which is said to be the largest homemade Easter egg ever made. 70 chef apprentices have been with.

Shall bring happiness
– Thanks to all the chefs, said Mayor Maria Eugenia Martinez in the small town Bariloche in Argentina.

The huge Easter egg is cut into 50,000 small chocolate chunks, so that everyone will get one each.

– Everyone should get a bite and it brings happiness to the entire population, says the mayor.

It’s nice that the whole town came. I would love to try this local chocolate in Argentina.

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