On 15th of May, Wonder Woman was released on the cinemas in China, then USA on 25th of May and so on. However, I saw it on 24th of June. With some expectations, I watched a movie that I will never forget. Gal Gadot, which plays Wonder Woman is so amazingly good at her acting that you can see that she is a true Miracle and fits perfectly as the Wonder Woman character. Gal Gadot reminds me a bit of Angela Jolie in some views, but still have that “nicer” look all the time. Gal Gadot is from Israel, but have found her market for sure in USA where she is now Wonder Woman for many.

To be able to watch this movie, you don’t need to see the Batman versus Superman movie to understand it. This film’s story takes place 100 years before the events in that movie. So, you can all watch it without needing to watch other movies with Wonder Woman in it. This is a standalone movie and here is our verdict with some spoilers. So, if you haven’t watched it we recommend to stop here but if you have. Go on…!

Wonder Woman review by Distrita

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman – What a beautiful lady with so much positive energy and great acting too!

Gal Gadot is the Most Sexy superhero Woman Alive

With the sexy look and the work she did at the set. I was totally mindblowed there I sat with my 3D glasses on at Colosseum cinema in Oslo, which is one of the biggest cinemas in the world. All people that I went with agreed on that also. What a hot lady with a strong bone and aura! And the performance she did in this movie was breathtaking. Not only is she sexy in real life,  but she is also a beauty that plays a superhero role that is so vital to see for many young teenagers. She doesn’t just have powers, but she also proves in the movie is proving to the world that woman’s can kick and be strong. That martial fight scenes is fantastic and the fact that she is a woman beating lot’s of men is a really nice showcase. She shows that not only men can be superheroes. She also shows that woman’s can be strong if they put their will to it.

The world is full of drama and with the possibility to be strong. Woman’s can for sure protect themselves as well as men does if they put their will to it. Maybe with more female super hero movies like this one, Jessica Jones or even the fantastic HBO Supergirl success the world is now much more richer with strong women characters on the screen. Which is for sure needed! And with brilliant acting talent moves those boundaries even more. Very nice work Gal Gadot.

Wonder Woman review by Distrita

Credit: Warner Bros – The first eye contact with Steve Trevor for Wonder Woman on Themyscira island

Strong woman character that acts Amazingly together with Chris Pine

Before she was Wonder Woman she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained warrior. When a pilot crashes and tells of conflict in the outside world, she leaves home to fight a war to end all wars, discovering her full powers and true destiny. This pilot that crashes into Wonder Woman’s world is Chris Pine which plays as Steve Trevor. He plays his roll in this movie very well and shows quality.

Steve Trevor which introduces himself as a spy, is great and you get sort of dejavu when seeing him because he reminds of many other way more known actors. The chemistry between these two are just awesome and they are really cute together. Also, there are fantastic actors like Ewen Bremner, Saïd Taghmaoui and Danny Huston which acts really well. I don’t want to comment too much regarding the movie characters, but if I could choose then the character that is played by Ewen Bremner would get his love of his life. If they ended the movie with Charlie became the man that Wonder Woman falls in love with, now that would be super cute and a really nice ending.

I have nothing against to see that a super cute super woman is getting in love with a handsome man. But it would be even better if she actually fell in love with the funny and positive guy Charlie. But this is just a minor thing and a personal note.

Wonder Woman review by Distrita

Credit: Warner Bros – The army against the Germans in WWI, with the mysterious Chief standing there

Story of Wonder Woman got a Awesome Easter Egg in it

The story is great, and Wonder Woman is a fantastic movie. The more you understand about the Greek gods, the more you understand the Wonder Woman story. The story could have however been told more correctly at times, but these minor comments doesn’t mean that the movie is bad at all for sure. Diana, which is Wonder Woman character understands many languages! But that’s not all. She also knows Blackfoot language, which isn’t subtitled in the movie after they rescue a village. Yes, Wonder Woman movie even got a quite interesting Easter Egg where they reveal that the indian Chief and Wonder Woman is talking a indian language. I got interested in this. So, in the end I found out that the language is called Blackfoot language. She speaks this language with the Chief without it getting subtitled at all for people. Chief is actually the only person that Diana shakes her hand with in the movie, which I noticed after watching the movie for the second time today! Yes, I loved this movie so much that I had to watch it again!

So, I had to dig a bit deeper about the indian Chief and the hand shaking with Wonder Woman! I managed to find more info at moviepilot.com website, where they also write about the indian language, but they have managed to bring in some more info that does make sense:

Chief’s first conversation with Diana is a subtle, but fascinating little scene. They speak in Blackfoot — as an Amazon, Diana knows every human language — but this exchange is not subtitled, unlike every other conversation in a non-English language in the movie.

This meant that what they said to each other was “an awesome easter egg only Indian country would know.” Our translation comes via Indian Country Today’s Vincent Schilling, self-confessed “Native nerd”, who was very impressed with Chief’s portrayal in the film.

“What I didn’t expect was to be overcome with emotion when Eugene Brave Rock’s character ‘Chief’ met Wonder Woman, who was spectacularly portrayed by Gal Gadot. Why? His first words to her were in Blackfoot. Even better, he introduced himself as Napi, the Blackfoot demi-god who is known as a trickster and a storyteller. Congratulations, Indian country. We all get to share a secret moment in the Wonder Woman movie. If you speak Blackfoot, the magic will surely be tenfold.” -movieplot.com

Movieplot also asks if Chief is in fact the American trickster god himself. Then it was asked to Eugene Brave Rock himself and this is what he revealed on Twitter:

It is really genious to fill in such easter egg. However, if you and I haven’t read the comics or aren’t into American indian knowledge. Then it is hard to understand. But it’s really nice that they did something like this and that it made me interested enough to digg deeper into it.

Wonder Woman review by Distrita

Credit: Warner Bros – Amazing Wonder Woman powers can be seen in this scene here

Fantastic Action scenes that is Very well made with Right amount usage of Effects

Here in Wonder Woman, you get one of the better action sequences with women that got a superhero role. The creators of this movie, use a pretty-common and known Matrix slowdown effects during the action sequences a lot in this movie, but it works very well in it as it is Right amount. They haven’t overdue it at all.

Even though the movie is amazingly. There are sides to the story that isn’t correct regarding the time it should be in. However! These are minor sides of the movie. Most of you will forget them and in the end you sit with a fantastic feeling all in all after seeing this movie. It would be much worse if the effects were superb and the actors playing medicore. But in Wonder Woman, they all play amazingly well. They play so good, that you forget the goofs in the movie. You can check all of the goofs on IMDB.com site, but one of the most noticed goofs is not written there at all I think, or is it a goof? Maybe there is another Easter Egg of some kind?

The scene that I am talking about is when Steve Trevor enters Themyscira island (see the second picture from the top), where Wonder Woman is from. This island, which is put there and is supposed to be protected by a mystical shield. Is suddenly not having this shield anymore after the airplane comes thru with a “boom”? When the boats with soldiers enters the Themyscira island shield which just turned to a fog? …and when Diana and Steve Trevor leaves the island in a boat, floating away from the Themyscira island area. Then it this scene it looks like the whole place is hidden by a fog also? There is so much into this movie that you won’t notice the first time you watch it. But once you either understand it the first time or you watch it more than once. The whole plot is set in the first world war time, which is reported to have some goofs in it. You start to ask yourself if these scenes are goofs or if this is something in the plot that the creators of the movie wanted to tell, but haven’t told anyone. This seems to become just speculation from my side, but with a super power movie like this one. Anything is possible and the imagine and dreams you get will make you think of it.

Other interesting plot hole or a bit confusing scene is the part when Steve Trevor and Diana floats in the boat on the way to London. There is no scenes showing when they were picked up by a boat taking them all the way to London? Other than this, there is some historical facts and names that is the movies goofs.

Wonder Woman review by Distrita

Credit: Warner Bros – Fantastic view of the mystical island where Diana, Wonder Woman is from

Action scenes with ok Censor of blood and gore

The creators of Wonder Woman, have taken away blood to make the movie possible to show in way more countries. The way that they have done it in this movie is good, because it is minimal gore and then its okay to not show blood. However, it would be nice to see a version of this without the censoring also. I know that this isn’t Game Of Thrones! And it shouldn’t! But the way these characters fight, it amazes how well they have managed to keep the action so well made, yet taken blood away. It’s way better than in the newest Mad Max movie, which is stripped for the fun of it. Yes, you don’t mess with the details for me or I will get grinchy! If you do have blood and gore, show nudity. If you don’t, then censor the movie in a proper way as it is done in Wonder Woman. Kudos to those dealing with this work for sure. Nice work!

Wonder Woman review by Distrita

Credit: Warner Bros – Diana played by Gal Gadot and Antiope played by Robin Wright in fantastic costumes

Wonder Woman is for sure a great movie. It is available in most of the countries since it had its Chinese premiere on 15th of May this year. In Norway the premiere was set on 16th of June, while Belgium got it on 21st of June, then Egypt and Spain on 23rd of June. Japan seems to be on the last place as it will be launched there as late as 25th of August 2017!

Wonder Woman is a great movie for all that loves superhero movies and it is perfect for getting a family time at the cinema too.

The movie is also a great movie to be shown for countries with bad relations to women and their super powers. It is a movie that sets a new standard of female super power movies and it is incredibly well made by Warner Bros and DC! This movie should be on every schools teaching programs about equality between men and women in daily life. Yet it is a super power movie, it brings attention to wars and how much a woman can do in a society. It shows how bad women were treated in United Kingdom when WWI was going on in Europe. A scene in this movie where Wonder Woman or at in this scene is just Diana still tries to confront all of the men about how to take action regarding the war. It is interesting and shows that the history in Europe as in many countries in Asia now ignores women’s political views. They should be heard in every democratic country! And with this movie, let’s hope it develops new and stronger women out there. Because, the world needs women and men to co-operate and make a better world for everyone.

Distrita recommends You all goto your local cinemas and watch Wonder Woman today! Recommended for sure!

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