Review of Wonder Waffel

Let’s do a interesting Review of Wonder Waffel for you. But first, I need to add a introduction to you about waffles. Almost everyone in the world knows about Waffles. Yes! Those Delicious heart ones that tastes so amazing! And the best thing! You can love lot’s of various types of waffles! But in some countries, they make odd Belgium waffles that almost every cafeteria sells everywhere in the world.

Here in Norway we also love the heart ones a lot! They are more connected to our traditions than the Belgium ones for sure. Also, the Belgium waffles made in Norway ain’t that fresh as they are in Belgium. Read on for my experience with waffle magic experience in Germany!…

Review of Wonder Waffel
Here is how the waffle looks from a short distance! Fast food art!

I invite Wonder Waffel to Norway to compete!

In Germany, they have some very smart people that have managed to see a public fast food market for the heart shaped type of waffles. They also much known and loved here in Scandinavia also. Wonder Waffel, seems to be a bigger waffle chain in Germany that is expanding. This trigged me, and because of this I decided to make a review of their chain. This mystical, yet quite genious fast food restaurant idea is something that someone else should’ve have started years ago. However! Finally there is one, because this type of waffles can take so many types of toppings and they tastes wonderful!

This is for sure a place, where everyone that I saw when visit made wonderful smiles. Both adults and children had their life experience for sure. This place is so magic! Here in Norway we only have kiosks in the woods that sells them. There are also some students selling them from a window in Oslo, but a fast food chain with these type of waffles is missing for sure in Norway.

Crepe (pancakes) places you find almost everywhere now, but heart waffle places seems to be not so known outside of Germany yet. Maybe this kind of dessert restaurants, will come to Norway someday? I Wish!..

Let me Introduce you to Wonder Waffel

With over 21 Wonder Waffel restaurants in Germany, this chain seems to grow and grow. The chain also have plans to open their waffle restaurants soon in Stuttgart, Nürnberg, Bonn and in München in Germany. So, it seems like this fast food restaurant managed to find its own niche which it manages to grow rappidly in. My biggest question is,.. will they ever come to Norway? Lidl came to Norway and didn’t survive here. So, maybe try some other European countries first!? Then it’s a question of Norwegian media that is so focused on healthy food. But it doesn’t seem to have any affect on the kiosks in the woods that sells them. I just hope for a try!

Extravaganza Service at my Test visit

Walking down the pedestrian only walking street. The design of this waffle fast food chain, managed to grab your attention with it’s strong colours. The colours is very colourful outside, but when you have stepped into the restaurant inside you know that this is a fast food chain like no other. For me it looked very local type of fast food restaurant, yet it is all over Germany. Which is pretty neat thing to have accomplished.  So, you do really feel welcome for sure and thats what an restaurant should do with your mind. Clever!

Once I walked inside, this very warm and good serviceminded person gave me out-of-this-world service that I didn’t expect. I never wrote any words or told anyone about my visit here, but from the very first second I had eye contact with her. She helped me out the best she could as I had issues understanding the German language menu. I never told her about this review or about Distrita. However! She explained everything on the menu in detail in English for me, so I got a quite good impression of her service. Someone in Wonder Waffel should send her flowers! But I don’t have her name, so that’s a bit bad luck!…

Review of Wonder Waffel
Wonder Waffel in Mülheim! The menu, The soda which is Mezzo Mix (Coca Cola product, which is only available in Germany!) and Free WiFi is a nice touch also!

Just don’t order Everything you See!

The desk with all the ingredients that you can top your waffles with, can be a bit dangerous if you enter a restaurant with someone that knows less English than the one I had! So, make sure you understand how to order your waffles, because it can save some situations.

Here I give you a small guide, on how to get a Wonder Waffel experience without misunderstandings! Thanks to the serviceminded person, I can now share my experience with You! So, here we go!

Ordering a waffle is done beside the cashier. Here you order everything. So, make sure you know what you want to order. Then when finished, you don’t stand and wait because they will come to you with the waffles and the drink that you’ve ordered.

So! Here is the correct order at Wonder Waffel

First you order waffle type, then fruits, later toppings and the last order is Specials. Yes! Wonder Waffel restaurant make sure that your waffle will be topped with most of the most delicious toppings and it really tastes as good as it looks! I didn’t go thru everything in the menu that I’ve got, but as my serviceminded person told me.. You can mix a lot! So make sure to order toppings that you like. This article is done entierly by myself. I haven’t got a single penny or coin for writing this. But the service here really helped the review a lot.

The waffles Tastes as good as they Looks

Taste of the waffles at Wonder Waffel restaurant that I visited, are yummy and delicious. They aren’t too crispy! Which is a very good start. Then the waffles themselves are not too sweet or not too salty at all. The balanse here is very good. Often, when I visit these kiosks in the woods here in Norway. Some of them can be too crispy or even burnt. Also, sometimes at my home I somehow get different result each time I make them! But here, the taste was just perfect.

With all of the filling on top of the waffle, the dessert become really tasty that I won’t forget. So, below in this article I have added some nice pictures from my visit! And it was very cute and suprisingly to see my name on the plate, written with Chocolate. Maybe, they knew that I was there for this article?!

Well! The restaurant that I visited, is located in Mülheim in Germany. If you goto their website, you can also check where the other restaurants are. As of today, you find them in Berlin, Dortmund, Bremen, Essen, Giessen, Düsseldorf, Mülheim, Bochum, Aachen, Hagen, Köln, Hamburg, Hannover, Bern and in Wuppertal. The last city there is very interesting though! Because it’s got one of the oldest metro systems still in function. The special thing about it is that its hanging and it manages to cover Wuppertal town for sure. So, now you can visit Wuppertal metro and take a nice bite at Wonder Waffel in Wuppertal also!

Map of where Wonder Waffel is located in Mülheim, Germany

Address in Mülheim
Wonder Waffel Mülheim a.d. Ruhr
Schloßstr. 17, 45468 Mülheim a.d. Ruhr

Nice waffle place in Oslo, Norway that serves Delicious waffles on Sundays

If you are in Oslo, Norway. Then you don’t actually have to goto the woods to get some okay waffles like these at all. Infact! Oslo have many local variations, but on one place in Oslo on every Sunday. There are some nice serviceminded ladies, selling extravaganza waffles. They actually reminds me of the waffles from Wonder Waffel also. But, you can only get them on Sundays! Which is pitty…!  The event is called “Søndagsmarked ved Blå” and is a market that is held in Oslo, every Sunday all year round. Yes! This market is there even if it snows!… You can also get the waffles at regular kiosks, but they are expensive and not tasty at all!…

Some more photos of the waffel I got at Wonder Waffel

Review of Wonder Waffel
She spelled my name wrong! But, it’s the signature that amazed me all in all!
Review of Wonder Waffel
Detail work of her signature in chocolate for me! Thanks a lot!
Review of Wonder Waffel
Wonder Waffel in Mülheim gave me a waffel with Kiwi, Strawberries, Banana, Ice cream, chocolate and much more on this plate! Yummy and Delicious!
Review of Wonder Waffel
Soo tasty and yummy this waffel was!
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The Final Verdict of Wonder Waffel

I never thought that I would be so positive. This is a chain and they have popped up everywhere in Germany and they are still growing over there. This idea of having a restaurant chain that is selling delicious heart waffles, is something that I really wanted to see. Now when I visited Germany, I was able to taste and see Wonder Waffel service and taste was. It was great! And if you have time and want to have a happy time together with your friend, your girlfriend or just take the kids to a magical place. Then a Wonder Waffel restaurant, manages to make the day a little better for you. Go and visit Wonder Waffel and tell them about Distrita’s review, because we really enjoyed our time at it.