Triumph, which is a maker of bras for women releases what they call the Lingerie White Paper. Since 1980, the company has been doing statistics of its bra sales. Here they give out data regarding cup size to determine the current state of chest sizes in Japan.

Cup size A bras falling in sales figures

We last sifted through the data two years ago. Since then, the trend of increasingly large busts has continued, with Triumph’s sales of A cup bras falling to a minuscule 4.1 percent of the sales total in 2016, in stark contrast to the 58.6 percent of its sales that came from A cup offerings in 1980. In fact, A, B, and C cup sales have all been in steady decline, continuing through the most recent period.

This means that women in Asia eats healthier food or some silicon market have exploded. How many women in Asia goes to a surgery for making breasts bigger is unknown, but with these figures coming from Japan which is the most democratic and modern country in the area. This can be a reason for the A, B and C cup sales.

Here is the Cup sales in Percent

● A cup sales (2015): 4.7 percent
● A cup sales (2016): 4.1 percent
● B cup sales (2015): 19.5 percent
● B cup sales (2016): 19 percent
● C cup sales (2015): 26.1 percent
● C cup sales (2016): 25.6 percent
● D cup sales (2015): 24.8 percent
● D cup sales (2016): 25 percent
● E cup sales (2015): 16.7 percent
● E cup sales (2016): 17.2 percent
● F cup sales (2015): 6.6 percent
● F cup sales (2016): 6.6 percent

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Triumph has been seeing increasing sales for larger cup sizes

So, from these figures above you can see that Triumph is now having way more sales on the less popular cup sizes in 2016 than in 2015. Triumph’s sales of A cup bras in Japan is falling to 4.1% in 2016, in a contrast to the 58.6% of its sales that came from A cup sales in 1980, site writes.  The higher amount of sales, means that companies like Triumph is having a harder time selling those. Also, these data is from Triumph. It doesn’t mean that that women’s breast have increased, but the fact that Japanese customers maybe jump over to other bra companies.

Just be happy over your breast sizes. All women are unique no matter skin or breast size. We decided to add this news item to our Lifestyle series of articles as it gives some figures of bra sales which is rarely written about. Love the women’s as they are. They are guides for men’s minds. The globe need women’s to survive.

Happy July!