Windows Phone 8 with impressive numbers

It’s just over two months since Microsoft launched Windows Phone 8, and it has also taken time to get the phones out on the market. That makes it especially impressive that the new platform is used by nearly half – 43 percent – of the U.S. Windows Phone users. That shows that Windows Phone users are satisfied and loyal.

The figures come from advertisement vendor Adduplex, which manages advertising fields free app for Windows Phone. It is not official data, but should still give a fairly reliable indication of the land.

It’s an indication that many Windows Phone 7 users have upgraded already to Windows Phone 8! They must have run to the stores as soon as the new Nokia Lumias came out! Others that never bought Windows Phone 7 may have waited for the first Windows Phone 8 devices to arrive. The new Phone 8 series have upgraded processors, much higher screen resolution and possibility for micro sd slot. This is good news for Nokia that really need their customers more than ever! They really need this to survive! We just want to say congratulations!

Lumia 920
Lumia 920

Source: WM Poweruser