We think that we all use our operating systems the best way we think. But does some OS got better options or better ways of doing things? Distrita have looked thru different operating systems and I give you now series describing key features that can be way different in each operating system which is available. In this series we look at the differences between Apple´s OSX, Microsoft´s Windows 7-8, Hyperion Software´s AmigaOS and MorphOS Team´s MorphOS operating systems.


Window handling:
When using a graphical operating system, you must get used to it´s interface. If you get confused, the makers have made a bad work but if you understand everything from the start the creators of the OS have succeeded. Worlds two biggest OS´s OSX and Windows have quite big differences in design, while AmigaOS and MorphOS is more alike. Windows Explorer for one is quite messy, with lots of problematic stuff to understand. OSX Finder lists things nicely and shows devices much more clearer than Windows Explorer. Ambient in MorphOS can run in Window and List modes. When a new device is plugged to the MorphOS compatible machine, it detects the device and you will see it on the desktop. This is nice, but some will for sure love the OSX way of doing this more satisfying for sure. This is simply a matter of taste, but Windows Explorer is really depressing compared for sure.

So, how about the windows handling in these operating systems. Is it good? In Windows moving and clicking on windows flows quite well, but upper priority can be quite irritating. The same goes for OSX, which have absolutely no control of that. To be able to control the window which is behind one, you always need to make it popup to front. There is no priority of window options in neither Windows or OSX. This is a huge loss in flexibility use for sure. Here AmigaOS and MorphOS shines a lot over the giants. If you click once on the window popup button or on the window topbar, which is behind other one, you only activate it. If you click twice on either, the window will popup. This give you full control, especially if you have a smaller screenmode. Just imagine be able to write a small note behind a Finder or Explorer window, without Notepad popping in front all the time? This is something that wont happen in AmigaOS or MorphOS, unless you click on window button or window top border if that is set.

A great thing with default window setting in Windows, OSX and MorphOS, is the clear and informative full-size window feature, which many operating systems misses. Especially in Windows and MorphOS the button for full-size window is designed well. The OSX green button though isn´t always obvious to find for beginners. I have seen it many times. The issue is that OSX does not really tell you anything about what the green button is for.. Instead people get confused and irritated clicking on buttons which they don´t know what does. This is clearly a design fault from Apple. OSX looks so nice, but yet obvious info isn´t present.

So, our conclusion in our first series of different features in different operating systems is that the bigger operating systems got nice features, but they could also learn from the smaller commercial ones. It is a nice thing to try something new if you are tired of the window handling of Windows, OSX, MorphOS or AmigaOS.