After mixed reviews of Windows 8 and lots of criticism, Microsoft continues working hard on their new operativsystem with lots if enhanchments. This will be launched in a package named “Windows Blue”.

Yesterday, the first Windows Blue build leaked on the web! Windows blue build 9364 was compiled 10 days ago and contains some interesting new features, though not any revolutions. We think that the fixes and improvemensts will be appreciated by the guys that already like Windows 8. For the rest of us, this is not very relevant. The start screen is there and will obviously not disappear!


While we’re on a Start screen kick, it’s worth mentioning that Windows Blue makes it much easier to change the look of the modern UI. In Windows 8, the personalization options are banished to the darkest corner of the OS, buried deep in submenu after submenu. In Windows Blue, a Personalization option appears in the level of the Settings charm, right above the familiar Tiles and Help options.

Other new features in Windows Blue include: Sky Drive is improved, the Live Tiles can be modified. Internet Explorer 11 is coming. And a 50/50 snapping option for better multitasking experience.

This is a step in right direction for Microsoft and we wish them good luck!

Windows Blue
Windows Blue

Windows Blue is expected to come in the end of 2013.

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