What is it about superheroes such as Alita that so ignites the public’s sense of excitement and enjoyment? Is it her looks? Her powers? Or is it simply the whole Alita Battle Angel character?

Alita will never be forgotten as a Superhero

This year has already seen a number of superhero movies released. These films will be further complemented by marketing efforts in the area of costumes, games, console games, as well as Manga or ordinary comics and music and important physical releases. It is highly likely that at least one of these superhero movies and the related spin-offs will once again break all records for profit generated from a movie release.

Why Superheroes such as Alita Battle Angel will live Forever

As a genre, superheroes have been around a long time. The word superhero dates back in history. Today, superhero comics are most notably published in thousands in Japan or under the Marvel or DC publishing labels. Although there is a myriad of other comics published by other companies as well. What is it that grants the superhero genre such as enduring appeal?

A superhero such as Alita Battle Angel got unique abilities

By tradition, a superhero such as the Alita Battle Angel is a character who possesses powers that are somehow above and beyond the abilities of an ordinary human being. It should be noted though, that there is no absolute requirement for a particular character to possess superpowers as such.

All that is required is the skills or abilities that go beyond which the normal person on the streets can achieve. An example of a superhero character that possesses no true superpowers would be Batman or Green Arrow from the DC comics stable. But once we include characters such as Spiderman. Things become way more interesting in my opinion.

Why Superheroes such as Alita Battle Angel will live Forever

Alita Battle Angel fights against a humongous crime

One activity that is common to many superheroes, if not all, is the dedication of their powers and abilities in a daily battle to combat threats to humanity and fight against crime. Often superheroes such as Alita will find a large part of their activities devoted to defeating supervillains.

In Alita’s chase, she is devoted to getting rid of a quite evil person that is sitting in his golden life above Iron City. Zalem is the floating city above Iron City which is controlled by an evil evil creature.

Why Superheroes such as Alita Battle Angel will live Forever

Her abilities to be a human but also have a body that is so flexible is her strength. But thats not all. Her face talk makes her into an intelligent superhero. She got a body that gives her superpowers. You can compare it to the Robocop movies or the Terminator movies. But she is much more on a human level. You can sort of say that she is a female version of Inspector Gadget. As with him, her ability to fall in love, taste chocolate etc is putting her into everyone’s hearts around the world.

Wonder Woman by Gal Gadot is also another great superhero movie with lots of personality to it. I would never think that a superhero would make me love it so much as Alita Battle Angel. She is a true angel!

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