In Europe new streaming music services launch all the time. It started with Spotify, which is popular in Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom. Now Spotify opens it’s eyes for the United States, spotifyand let’s hope they can give old iTunes hard competition. Why is it so that Europe is leading the music streaming competition? And what is the best streaming service? It’s not only Spotify. In France they have Deezer and in Norway they have Wimp (now: Tidal), similar services.

It is so easy to stream all the music you want…

The concept is easy. Stream as much as you want. You pay from 5 Euros a month or 10 Euros a month if you want to use the service in offline mode on your mobilephone as well. You have access to millions of songs, and you can create playlists and stuff like you normally do in regular media players. The service replaces I-tunes download or illegal music torrent download and should gain the music industry. But still Europeans are priviliged. Let’s hope that the entire world could enjoy the benefits of music streaming…

Another option is Soundhound. There are also Internet Radios like Pandora and TuneIn.

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