What if you need to flush yourself when walking around in Tokyo, Japan? There are several options. But now there is something new in this remarkable Japanese town. Now Transparent Toilets is introduced in Tokyo as a new thing and it works! They look stunning in my view! These newContinue Reading

best ice cream parlors in Tbilisi

What can be better than a good ice cream in boiling hot weather? This is the exact reason I chose to write about the best ice cream parlors in Tbilisi.  Personally I love getting a good ice cream cone and walking in a park with my friends. Through this processContinue Reading

Kingdom of the little people

A park that features comic performances by people with dwarfism! Welcome to The Kingdom of the Little People. Today we gonna bring you to one of the world’s weirdest parks. The little people in Yunnan China has been accused of making light of dwarfism. The park is almost entirely staffedContinue Reading

pyramids of Egypt

Visit the relics of Egypt’s Old Kingdom – the monumental tombs and the world famous Giza Pyramids! The last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World standing! They were built to endure an eternity – and they still stand rock solid, 4500 years later!