We have all dreamt about going on holidays to the most special places; to the unique countries, in the big cities, in the wild , maybe even on an island; But when it comes to travelling we all get to look reality in the eye: way too many choices can get overwhelming, and one of the most important thing is to choose the right hotel so you can fully enjoy your time in a foreign country. 

Are you looking for luxury hotels? We always want to stay in the best, luxurious hotel, but our wallets are not thick enough. Fortunately, there are places in the world where luxurious is not even that expensive.

Luxury hotels in Tbilisi (guide)

First of all, lets define what “luxury” is: according to Cambridge Dictionary it means “great comfort, especially as provided by expensive and beautiful things”. When it comes to the hotels, owners of 4 or 5 star describe themselves as “luxury”. They provide a luxurious accommodation experience to the guest.

Luxury hotels in Tbilisi Georgia (Guide)

If you are looking for an amazing experience after covid-19 is finally defeated, luckily for you, Georgia is considered to be one of the cheapest travel destinations in the world, where even luxury is affordable! In today’s article I will be talking about luxury hotels in Tbilisi that you can visit without selling your kidneys.

Ambassadori Tbilisi

Ambassadori Tbilisi Hotel
Boasting an elegant Italian interior, Ambassadori Tbilisi Hotel is located in historical, cultural and nightlife center of Tbilisi City.

With its distinguished design “Ambassadori Tbilisi” hotel holds one of the top places when it comes to luxurious accommodation. The hotel that is designed by Italians does not have an analogue with its quality, elegance and the location adds up to that too; The hotel is surrounded by the sights of Tbilisi: Museums, theaters, galleries, etc.

“Ambassadori” has 42 rooms, each decorated differently from one another, which makes them unique. Restaurant located on the fourth floor not only offers extremely delicious Georgian and European dishes but also mesmerizing interior and terrace.

With its high quality of service and beautiful rooms, “Ambassadori Tbilisi” placed itself on the top very quickly and still holds the place strenuously. They offer Premier King Room for $190 or Executive King for $230, and these are just some examples. Ambassadori Tbilisi is effortlessly one of the best luxury hotels in Tbilisi.


Why choose Ambassadori Tbilisi?

  • Spa with indoor swimming pool, two types of sauna, fitness centre and massage
  • Luxurious Casino where everyone can feel like a winner
  • Restaurants with Japanese cuisine promises the most sophisticated palates with unusual fusions
  • Rooftop restaurant with a cozy ambience, magnificent views and flavors of astonishing Georgian cuisine
  • Unique and exceptionally bright rooms with elegant Italian touches
Ambassadori Tbilisi Hotel Bedrooms
Example of how rooms & suites at Ambassadori Tbilisi could look like. Source:
Spa at Ambassadori Tbilisi
Ambassadori Tbilisi also offers a very beautiful spa area with a luxury swimming pool. Source:
What to expect at Ambassadori Tbilisi Hotel? This video shows you the main features of this luxury resort.

Ambassadori Tbisili reviews on Tripadvisor

Current reviews show a great ranking for Ambassadori Tbilisi with 4 stars and 291 reviews. Its currently ranked #27 out of 420 hotels in Tbilisi.

The location is absolutely perfect – near to the center and the old town. Just behind the hotels is the Marionette clock. Good breakfast.The room was very clean. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to use the pool.

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Ambassadori Tbisili

Ambassadori hotel with 121 rooms offer beautiful terraces, magnificent views, comfortable rooms and service with high class standards. Check out their website.

Holiday Inn Tbilisi

Holiday Inn Tbilisi, Hotel in Tbilisi near the Heroes Square
Hotel in Tbilisi near the Heroes Square & Tbilisi Train Station, well-connected to the airport.

The high-rise, glass fronted hotel “Holiday Inn Tbilisi” is located in the center of the city from where you can observe a delightful view of Tbilisi. Guests are privileged with cozy, but at the same modern interior; They are able to have business meetings or just have a great time with their beloved people.

Apart from the cafe, restaurant, lounge-bar, banquet room and a bar, there is a functioning casino “Adjara” that meets the highest standards. From the gym to the babysitter you can get anything you wish for in this luxury hotel.


It is time to reveal the most interesting part- the price: While luxury hotels in other countries might cost over $1000, you can stay in a Standard King Room for $140 or in a Executive King Room for $180 when it comes to Holiday Inn Tbilisi – one of the top luxury hotels in Tbilisi.

Why choose Holiday Inn Tbilisi?

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free parking
  • A Health Club with a sauna and a seasonal outdoor pool
  • A 24-hour Business Centre
  • Cozy rooms with amazing city views
Holiday Inn Tbilisi bedrooms
Bedrooms at Holiday Inn Tbilisi
Outdoor swimming pool at Holiday Inn Tbilisi
Outdoor swimming pool at Holiday Inn Tbilisi
Holiday Inn Tbilisi reviews
Current reviews show a great ranking for Holiday Inn Tbilisi with 4.5 stars and 843 reviews. It’s currently ranked #12 out of 420 hotels in Tbilisi.

The hotel is more for business visitors as it is far from the Old Town and other tourist sites. It is located in a nice neighbourhood with a Metro station and supermarket across the road, an in-house casino and money changers and nightclubs around the area. The hotel has a modern decor with large rooms and excellent service. The restaurant serves an excellent buffet breakfast. They also seem to have a strict no-tipping policy and refused to take a tip. Overall, an excellent choice for your stay in Tbilisi.

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Holiday Inn Tbilisi reviews

Holiday Inn Tbilisi

Business-friendly Tbilisi hotel with meeting facilities, a health club and a restaurant. Check out their website.

Tbilisi Marriott Hotel

Tbilisi Marriott Hotel
Tbilisi Marriott Hotel offers luxury interiors, Fitness center and sauna. Staff at the 24-hour front desk can help guests with any queries that they may have.

Tbilisi Marriott is a 5 star hotel, adorned with crystal chandeliers and gilded columns, where you are greeted with Georgian hospitality. The hotel stands 6 floors tall, has 127 rooms and is located in the heart of Tbilisi- on Rustaveli Square, where museums, theaters, churches and many other sights are within walking distance.

The design of the hotel meets the highest standards and each room is equipped with a safe, mini-bar, individual climate control and high-speed Internet. Dine in Restaurant Majestic for an elegant Mediterranean meal or have a light snack at Cafe Parnas.

You can get a room for $200 and if you are looking for a luxurious experience, this hotel is definitely the one you are looking for.


Why choose Marriott Tbilisi?

  • Take in views of Rustaveli Avenue as you dine on a mouthwatering breakfast in the Majestic Lounge & Bar
  • Stop by Parnas Café, Marriott’s signature restaurant specializing in seasonal Georgian and International cuisine
  • 24 hour Health Club
  • Close to historic and cultural attractions, making it the perfect destination for a special event
  • Outstanding Tbilisi catering capabilities to enhance weddings, social events and theme parties.
Tbilisi Marriott Hotel patio suite
Patio Suite – Balcony at Marriott Tbilisi
Presidential Suite - Bedroom, Marriott Tbilisi
Presidential Suite – Bedroom, Marriott Tbilisi
Marriott Tbilisi

Marriott Tbilisi

Nestled in a historic building along Rustaveli Avenue, Tbilisi Marriott Hotel provides guests with an enviable vantage point from which to explore Georgia’s vibrant capital city. Step into our doors and take in stunning architectural details, such as an atrium-style lobby replete with striking crystal chandeliers.  Check out their website.

Marriott Tbilisi reviews on Tripadvisor

Current reviews show a great ranking for Marriott Tbilisi with 4.5 stars and 640 reviews. It’s currently ranked #11 out of 420 hotels in Tbilisi.

The location of the hotel is just perfect. In the heart of the city. Walking distance to old town and main attractions. The service was very nice from the arrival to departure. In the breakfast restaurant all staff super friendly and trying to assist in any possible way. Housekeeping doing a great job! Very clean hotel ! Keep it up! Will be coming back for sure!

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The Biltmore Tbilisi

The Biltmore Tbilisi was officially opened on 31st July, 2016. The hotel holds 214 rooms and definitely is for the people who seek luxurious experiences. The main idea behind The Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi is to maintain Georgian traditions with the synthesis of modernism.

Because of its height (150 m) the building can be seen basically from any corner of the city. You can get a room for $200 but prices reach way higher numbers and because of that, The Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi is considered to be the most expensive hotel in the city. It has to be said that most of the times all of the rooms are taken because of its advantageous location, which definitely shows that The Biltmore is one of the best luxury hotels in Tbilisi.

The Biltmore Tbilisi amazing views
The Biltmore Tbilisi Hotel is the first glass skyscraper in Georgia and the highest hotel in the Caucasus Region.

Why choose Biltmore Tbilisi?

  • 214 luxury rooms and suites
  • Try Xeme Bar – located on the 30th floor – the highest bar in Georgia. Enjoy your drinks, listen to good music and relish a nearly 360 degree view of the city!
  • Discover Azura Bar – located in the beautiful garden – a relaxing atmosphere during hot summer days.
  • The historic Amphitheatre and Grand Ballroom are perfect for conducting the most spectacular events 
  • Ideally situated within the historical and cultural district of Georgia’s capital city
The Biltmore Tbilisi bedrooms
Deluxe room at Biltmore Tbilisi
The Biltmore Tbilisi bedrooms
Beautiful spa area at Biltmore Tbilisi
The Biltmore Tbilisi panorama views
Discover outstanding panorama view from the highest bar in Georgia

The Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi reviews on Tripadvisor

The Biltmore Tbilisi reviews
Current reviews show a great ranking for The Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi with 4.5 stars and 369 reviews. It’s currently ranked #18 out of 420 hotels in Tbilisi.

Everything about the hotel is great – from the rooms to the view to the staff – we have been to many 5 star hotels in many cities and this is one of the best. The People of Georgia are one of the kindest people we have met.

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Biltmore Tbilisi review

The Biltmore Tbilisi

The Biltmore Tbilisi Hotel is the first glass skyscraper in Georgia and the highest hotel in the Caucasus Region. Offering astonishing views, it is ideally situated within the historical and cultural district of Georgia’s capital city.  Check out their website.

Luxury Hotels in Tbilisi Summarized

I hope you found these luxury hotels in Tbilisi interesting. In this article you have read about:

  • Ambassadori Tbilisi
  • Holiday Inn Tbilisi
  • Marriott Tbilisi
  • The Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi

Have you been to other luxury hotels in Tbilisi? Which is your favorite hotel in Georgia’s capital? Leave a comment on our Twitter site.

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It is interesting how luxury hotels in Tbilisi seem to be much cheaper than what people from all around the world are used to. It has to be said that the prices mentioned above can be lower or higher- depending on what kind of room you are looking for. For further information we would encourage you to visit their web-sites and learn more.