Finally, the people of Sydney, Australia can take their Light Rail Tram L2 line between Quay in the city center and Randwick. On the 14th of December 2019, it all finally happened (also do check out the opening of the complete L2 line in Nice, France here). Soon there will also be an L3 light rail line in 2020 that will reach Juniors Kingsford.

L2 brings 12 km with useable Light Rail tracks in Sydney, Australia

It is good to see that Sydney, Australia is doing what it can for improving public transportation in the town. Back in June 2013, their monorail line closed down. And so the town saw a heavily increase in car usage which the town needed to get rid of before it was too late.

So, finally, in 2014 the Construction of 12 km of the modern tram line from Circular Quay via the city center to the south-eastern suburbs was launched. The launched L2 line will together with L3 line share tracks from the Circular Quay ferry terminal as far as Moore Park, running largely on road, separated from car traffic.

The route includes a 500-meter tunnel between Surry Hills and the Moore Park sports precinct. The L2 line (and soon L3) uses Alstom’s third-rail ground traction system. So this part doesn’t need any overhead power to be transferred to the light rail tram-trains between Town Hall and Circular Quay along George Street, which is the city’s main street.

Finally, L2 is running on the streets of Sydney

After many delays, the L2 line was complete at the end of 2018 with a start date expected in the second half of 2019 for the Randwick line. But that was delayed even further. It wasn’t until December that L2 finally opened for traffic after long time testing. The L3 line aka Kingsford line is expected to open in the first half of 2020.


These two light rail tram lines are run by Alstom Citadis X05s in coupled pairs. They look really nice and it is nice to see that Sydney finally getting them running. Sydney needed this but the fine results will show in July-August month. In cities such as Dublin, Bergen, Aarhus, and Gmunden the addition of light rail made air pollution go away by over 40 percent. That is a huge amount.

Important Light Rail FAQ

Why should cities go for Light Rail instead of bus?

Light Rail can be much longer than buses and therefore can take many more passengers. Light Rail can go on avanues, underground and in separated sections from car traffic. Light Rail routes should never be built together with car or even bus traffic.

What is the difference between a tram and light rail?

Trams are often very short. They share their route with cars and buses often. They don’t have to but in most of tram cities they do. Light Rail runs almost entierly on seperated sections from cars and buses. They aren’t affected by queues as much as trams.


How fast can you go with a Light Rail train?

There are no limits. Light Rail types of trains can in many cases run on both train and tram tracks. They are very flexible.

Distrita recommends you to check out Karlsruhe, Kassel, Den Haag, Aarhus or Porto. These cities got awesome light rail networks.