Hidden gems in Tbilisi can be found in many places. Georgian art cafes represent Tbilisi’s another captivating feature. As it was written in Vogue “You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Been to Tbilisi’s Art Cafés”.

Hidden gems in Tbilisi
Introducing some real hidden gems in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, discovered by a local

But why are art cafes so popular? Whenever you enter the space this intimate atmosphere gets to you right-away where cozy colors and chill background music create the specific aura. People not only go to art cafes because of the drinks or food but they enjoy the environment they spend their time in, with the company of a lover, friends or family members.

The question is- how do we choose art cafes? Based on the food and drinks they offer, the service or the environment ? What if we combined all three?

In Tbilisi, there are a lot of cafés that you could go to, but not all of them can meet your standards, where you can feel comfortable.

Insider tips of hidden gems in Tbilisi

As a local I know which places are the most popular and the best- we all know that locals will never go to places that are traps for tourists and in my opinion, tourists can avoid them too and get better experience in exchange.

In today’s article I am going to give you a list of 5 Hidden Gems in Tbilisi, that I personally have visited and have fallen in love with them since then!

Althaus (Tea House)

This place is a paradise for tea lovers in Tbilisi, overlooking Republic Square, on the corner of Kiacheli and Akhvlediani (Perovskaya) streets.

Located on the corner of Kiacheli and Akhvlediani streets, this place is my personal favorite: To be honest, I am not a big lover of tea, but this place offers something else that you definitely want to taste- you can warm your body and soul with their cup of tea- they have around 80 types and trust me, you can definitely find your favorite among these flavors!


This place is a paradise for tea lovers in Tbilisi, overlooking Republic Square, on the corner of Kiacheli and Akhvlediani (Perovskaya) streets.

Tea house Tbilisi described in

Lets put the tea aside and talk about the environment: The amazing aroma of different teas welcomes you as soon as you get inside of the building: an old, high-ceiling house with three large rooms(one non-smoking) and a veranda overlooking Republic Square. The design is really unique and vintage that attracts every generation.

Their amazing Belgian Waffle and a tea served in a little tea-pot.

Apart from the tea they have varied menu with delicious appetizers, salads, pasta, soups and their signature waffles and pancakes that are definitely Insta-worthy with their appetizing looks.

Prices are as good as they can get- everything is super affordable. Not to mention super friendly staff!


 Althaus has three locations: apart from the one on Kiacheli street, one of them is near Opera and one is near TSU.

Althaus definitely is one of the hidden gems in Tbilisi.

Amo Rame

Amo Rame” is one of the best places in Tbilisi if you like vintage interiors and art.

Vintage design, with unplastered bricks, old chintz curtains, tiny rooms and a yard full of old furniture and paintings of less-known artists on the walls- This is exactly what you should expect visiting “Amo Rame”.

Their menu is not large but everything they offer is delicious with large portions- whenever you visit an art cafe you do not really expect to get as many options as you would get at a regular restaurant.

Their signature dish would be Khinkali, which they serve only on the weekends. Their cooking style differs them from any other cafe-restaurants in Tbilisi: Their kind is different with its size, shape and a taste. As many people believe “Amo Rame” is the best place to eat Khinkali in Tbilisi.

This is how Khinkali looks in “Amo Rame”.

This place is the best for art lovers who like to spend their time in a cozy, artsy atmosphere with distinguished interior.

“Amo Rame” is one of the hidden gems in Tbilisi that needs to be discovered by tourists.

Amo Rame is a cozy, quiet, non smoking cafe with a perfect location and a friendly atmosphere where locals enjoy European dishes and full bar accompanied with live piano only on Friday from 8 to 10 p.m.

Amo Rame described by Mariam in
It is an amazing place for wine lovers as well. If you like rosé, they have the best semi-sweet rosé in town.


You’ll find Lolita right across Rooms Hotel Tbilisi

“Lolita” is the perfect mixture of old and new, the archetype of a modern Georgian, located in a building that once was a home to some of Georgia’s most prominent cultural and artistic figures.

Red neon and a cozy little garden make “Lolita” one of the trendiest cafe-bars in Tbilisi. It is always full on weekends and the reason would be their atmosphere, delicious food and cocktails.

while, Georgian cooks are preparing your food and drinks you can observe the culinary process or enjoy urban style interior and relax with a glass of red Georgian wine or cocktail.

I do not know about others but I really enjoy watching my food being prepared and fortunately, it is available in “Lolita” too, because their kitchen is open if front of you. Their menu includes vegetarian and vegan food too so everybody is welcome here.


With everything that “Lolita” offers to its costumers, it holds honorable place in the list of hidden gems in Tbilisi, which you definitely have to visit.

Incredible spot. Delicious food, great cocktails, friendly staff and a unique aesthetics. Don’t let yourself miss this place.

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Art-Café HOME

Art-Café HOME is located literally in the heart of Old Tbilisi and is the best destinations point to start a weekend.

According to British newspaper “The Guardian” Georgian “Art-Café Home” is one of the best rooftop bars in Europe.

Located in the historic district of Tbilisi, this place is a definite favorite for locals and tourists too.

Before talking about the atmosphere, I have to say few words about astonishing view from the roof: You can see sights of Old Tbilisi like Narikala fortress and the monument of Mother of Georgia.

The concept of home-style artsy cafes is something special for Tbilisi.

After entering the cafe you are welcomed with a homelike atmosphere. “Art-Cafe Home” definitely is very artsy inside and out. Even though the exterior is very minimalist and nostalgic that reminds me of 90’s, it stands out from the old Tbilisi style buildings.

Delicious kitchen menu and friendly staff make Art-Cafe more pleasant than it already is. This place, without a doubt, is one of the hidden gems in Tbilisi.

Art-Café HOME is located literally in the heart of Old Tbilisi and is the best destinations point to start a weekend.



This charming café in the heart of Old Tbilisi is often referred to as a haven for vegetarians.

“Cafe Leila”, located in Old Tbilisi is truly unique with its nature.

Cafe only has one room and the tables are placed outdoor too; Their name is not random: “Leila” means gloom in Persian. Whenever you visit the cafe you are accompanied with the stars and the moon.

On the walls you will be able to see illustrations of the poem “The Knight in Panther’s Skin”, which is a treasure for Georgians.

Cafe Leila specializes in healthy, tasty food, at affordable prices.

They only offer healthy vegetarian food and smoking in the cafe is forbidden, so it carries eco-friendly nature. If you are a vegetarian or vegan and can not find the perfect place to eat, then “Café Leila” is going to be your favorite.

With its eco-friendly nature the café is undoubtedly one of the hidden gems in Tbilisi.

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Their delicious vegetarian Quesadilla

Conclusion – the best hidden gems of Tbilisi

Hidden gems in tbilisi
We hoped you liked these 5 hidden gems in Tbilisi! These secrets are now revealed!

As you can see, Tbilisi can not be left without visiting art cafes that play significant role in modern Georgian culture. Today we have looked at these 5 given gems in Tbilisi:

  • Althaus (Tea House)
  • Amo Rame
  • Lolita
  • Art-Café HOME
  • Leila

Have you ever visited any of these hidden gems in Tbilisi? If not then it is your chance to take our advice and visit these hidden gems in Tbilisi.

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