Graying hair is a normal part of our lives, and some people find their first grey or white hair straws already in their 20’s. Some people find grey hairs cool, and like to look a bit more mature, while others hate it and want to look young and use hair color. But is there any way to prevent the grey hair or even better can you reverse grey hair after you have already seen it? What to eat to reverse graying hair?

Graying hair comes from saturated fat, consuming salt and protein. It may also be caused by an excess intake of simple sugars, which leach minerals from the blood, weakening the flow of nutrients to the hair.

Emotional stress, worry, and shock can also significantly slow and in some cases even stop the production of melanin in the melanocytes.

Keep in mind that prevention is always a better way than reversing.

Eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. But can gray hair be reversed? In Oriental medicine the condition of the hair reflects the quality of your blood and the health of your kidneys.

On the raw food diet we have the opportunity to address and correct the underlying causes, rather than just treating the external factors. Many people on raw food diet claim that their hair returned to its natural color.

What to eat to reverse graying hair?

It is possible that one may benefit by consuming some of the following foods that are popular for addressing underlying causes of graying hair:

  • Greens, greens and more greens! Green Smoothies made in the Vita-Mix are one of the best ways to accomplish this. This also helps to build the levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which is also important for mineral absorption.

  • Freshly cold pressed Seaweeds conditioner. Amazing Herbs 5X-TQ Premium Black Cumin Seed oil is the only nutraceutical on the market that is tested and verified by a third party lab to contain the highest percentage of naturally occurring Thymoquinone (TQ), a minimum of 0.95%. It is a rich source of EPA’s and anti-oxidants, and offers a promising alternative remedy to help combat age-related disorders and restore a youthful and optimum inflammatory balance and immune system response.
  • Nettle. Stinging Nettle has been used according to tradition, since the days of Caesar 2,000 years ago. NOW Stinging Nettle Root is concentrated and standardized to the highest European standards, where it has been researched and widely used. People say it is good for prostate health as well
  • Black sesame seeds, may also be bought as a cold pressed oil
  • Wheatgrass juice. Wash hair with wheatgrass juice at least once per week (the nutrients penetrate into follicles and stimulate growth of new pigment-producing cells.) Our suggestion is PHion Balance Green Superfood ,
    reverse graying hairthat we found the best tasting green superfood on the market
  • Oriental herb known as He Shou Wu and costs less than 6 $, it’s a good value

Take a half cup of rosemary and a half cup of sage. Add in one cup of water and bring to a boil. Let the herbs simmer in water for 20 minutes. Wait for the mixture to cool completely. Apply it to your hair and scalp, leave it in for half an hour, then wash it off. This mixture helps blend the gray along with your natural hair color, making the gray less noticeable.

If you can’t afford all the products we would definitely recommend the Green Superfood. Take a tea spoon in water every morning and drink it! We feel fresher! And once a week also use it in your hair. Hopefully you will see results fast! Good luck!