What is what on Distrita!?

You surf the net and out of sudden you find Distrita website. What is it? Here I try to explain some words that the world knew before but might have forgotten what is today.


A computer created by Commodore in 1985, which still is active alive in 2016. But many thinks its dead because of hundreds of magazines claiming its dead. Distrita however knows that Amiga is alive and we will bring as much news about it as about anything else that we find.

This is related to Amiga. All of the Amiga 68k machines got Kickstart either on disks or on ROMs. Even MorphOS which is seen as nextgen AmigaOS got Kickstart.

Amiga custom chips. They are in Amiga 68k machines all of them. OCS is the oldest, ECS is in between and AGA was the last Amiga graphic custom chips to be made by Commodore.

A nextgen operatingsystem which is lightweighted OS! It is so small and requires little mem to function. Works on PowerPC machines made by Genesi, A-EON and Apple. We give this operating system coverage because we feel it deserves our love and support. Including its native PowerPC software support, MorphOS also got a very good AmigaOS 68k backward compatibility where the OS only emulates the 68k CPU. Libs and everything else can be shared right out of the box.

Michals most favourite drawing program. Last version came out in 1996 for Amiga and is one of world best drawing programs. GUI and its functions is perfectly combined. TVPaint is also one of the fastest drawing programs ever made he thinks and that brings reviews of graphics cards to a very interesting reading for you.


Now you know Distrita a little better. We cover Windows, OSX, Android, iOS, AtariTOS, Linux, BeOS, UNIX etc also! We write about travel, lifestyle, news and also now Entertainment. Here I just wanted to enlighten about our use of Amiga words. There are many more, but this is nice for a start I think.

Distrita Your Life! Let us bring you the Independent News that is important!

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