Are you planning the vacation, or do you have to take a trip but do not want to spend so much on plane tickets? Earlier it was thought that the best day to find good deals was on Tuesdays, but this has been changing. So, if you are looking for cheap plane tickets, the better you wait a few days. We gonna discuss the best day to buy flights!

We gonna reveal the best day to buy flights

 According to Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC), the company responsible for processing airline tickets for many travel agencies, reported that the best day to find good air fares is Sunday. This was demonstrated by the data that were recorded after the sale of 130 million round tickets, both for the United States and international territory, during the last 19 months.
And eye, the second day that gives us greater chances of finding tickets at a good price is Saturday.
Why should the best time to buy tickets at a good price now be the weekends? One of the factors is that airline executives go to work on Mondays looking to increase their rates and not lower them. As demand for tickets increases, on Monday airlines are not so concerned about completing aircraft seating.
During the week there are more business travelers who do not necessarily look for cheap tickets. On the other hand, over the weekend buyers are usually tourists who take the time to find a good buy plane tickets, and therefore, airlines are more flexible.
So now you know, you’re ready for your new trip!the best day to buy flights