Do you read your local newspapers? Do you feel that most news only comes from where you live? Distrita aims at connecting the whole world. Here you get news about bits and bytes and we mean it! We want to give you today’s news, but not only from CNN and BBC. We want people on Reykjavik to know whats happening in Singapore, or Sydney people to know whats happening in Liechtenstein.

We connect Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe and America into one. When New Zealand was hit by a big earthquake, a tsunami hit Japan just moments after. So all mass-media almost forgot the earthquake on New Zealand. That is a shame, Distrita thinks.

We never forget important news, we only need more writers to help out with the site! If you feel that your country is left out or that we haven’t found a important news, you should contact us today! Mail us: [email protected] and write a little about yourself. That’s all to it, and you will become a part of the Distrita family, which have the goal to inform the world on-line and on TV in the future.

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