Planet 51 is the only movie where Aliens are dog alike creatures

Only one year after Battle For Terra movie. Planet 51 showed up in 2009 with a very similar plot. But this time the production aimed at a bit younger audience.

Planet 51 is a movie with same plot as Battle For Terra movie where an alien civilization is invaded by Americans, who believes that the planet was uninhabited. Wanted by the military on the planet that he lands on, the Astronaut Chuck Baker must get back to his ship before it goes into orbit without him.

It’s now 10 years since the movie was out.  I remember the civilization on Planet 51 having Aliens as their dogs. Which is a very nice detail that I never forget. So I decided to give it a go again and I was impressed once more.

Planet 51 is a sci-fi animated film that got mini Aliens

As you may or may not know, I’m the sci-fi person at Distrita which also counts for an animated feature and, having seen the trailer for Planet 51 many years ago I was keen to see how it would be to watch Planet 51 again.

I must admit I was shocked how poorly it has been received compared to other animated movies at that time. What I found was a funny, engaging film with a whole load of gags referring to just about every mainstream sci-fi/alien film thats been out. The alien dogs I just say!… but at the same time I admit it’s not perfect, but I think it deserves another chance by anyone that loves sci-fi.

Lem Planet 51 Map

Map of the town where Lem lives on Planet 51

A lifeless planet with lots of civilization found

The entire movie is about Planet 51. A planet that is found by the humans is supposed to be lifeless. Well,… that’s what the data said anyway for the astronaut landing there. Unfortunately for astronaut Captain Charles T. Baker, it isn’t.

Alien life forms with green skin inhabit this little planet and they have advanced as far as the 1950’s, that’s USA 1950’s, just in case there’s any doubt. So this movie is very Pro USA but that is to be expected from a country that’s been on the moon to bribe about it. Its okay. No harm is done! ;)

Lem is a teenager on Planet 51 with lots of personality

The story is about the astronaut but its also a lot about a green alien teenager named Lem. He becomes friends with Baker and, with the help of his friends, Skiff and Eckle, hides him from the army and their leader, General Grawl and the crazy scientist, Professor Kipple.

Astronaut lands in Planet 51

Lem and a friend shocked when the astronaut lands

Lem the alien on Planet 51 is in love with Eckle’s sister, Neera, but struggles with getting the right words out as in a typical American animated movie. Back with the mission, help is at hand in the form of R.O.V.E.R., (Battle For Terra krmt) which is an advance scout robot who was sent ahead of the mission.

Time is running out for Baker, his command craft, in orbit, leaves in 72 hours. Can Lem and his friends get him back to his Lander in time? Will Baker help Lem with Neera? Is there any end to these crazy questions? Guess you’ll have to wait and see.

Lot’s of Sci-Fi movie references in Planet 51

As I said at the beginning, there are plenty of gags incorporated into the script of Planet 51 and there’s also a lot of slapstick. My favourite character is the ‘Alien’ dog; you’ll know what I mean when/if you see it. If there is a movie that makes a Alien look cute then it’s this one. I just don’t know how this movie would be if they were big.

The dialogue was adequately delivered, but then nobody was really stretched. Honourable mentions go to the voice talents of; Dwayne Johnson as Captain Charles T. Baker, Jessica Biel as Neera, Justin Long as Lem, Gary Oldman as General Grawl, Seann William Scott as Skiff and John Cleese as Professor Kipple.

Rover in Planet 51

Over all I found this movie to be a very entertaining movie with quite a few laughs during the story. I guess it’s down to taste for anyone of view out there and I’m aware that we are all different, especially when it comes to sci-fi and comedy genres. I urge you to give this one a chance because even though its got similarities to other animated movies. I can honestly say that I’ve seen much, much worse…

Recommended to Watch by Distrita! This is a worthy Sci-Fi movie for all. Both kids and adults will love it for sure.

Picture Source: Planet 51 Trailer