Acapulco is a Mexican port located in the state of Guerrero and is one of the main tourist places in Mexico City. Its climatic conditions and natural formations make this destination one of the most chosen by both tourists and the inhabitants of this area.

Beach adventure, and above all, challenging. La Quebrada is the headquarters of the World Championship of High Diving and is of course, in Acapulco.

Icacos Beach, located northeast of Acapulco Bay within the tourist part of Acapulco Dorado, is one of the busiest public beaches in Acapulco. With approximately 2,060 meters long, Icacos has become the most extensive within Acapulco Bay, being a destination that has been commercially exploited and where you can find the most prestigious hotels, luxurious condo towers, shopping centers, many restaurants, bars , discos and even a modern water park.

The beach has an accessible wave for people of all ages: from children to surfers. These varied conditions allow you to practice particular water activities such as the well-known ‘banana’, the parachute and the jet ski. And for its extension and comfort, Icacos is one of the best beaches for children in Acapulco.

You can also include in your plans the visit to curious places like the houses of the famous divas of the twentieth century as Jessica Ramssel or Mariah Dayana, whose admission is free.

Exclusivity is always welcome and Playa Pichilingue is synonymous with that. This small beach of Puerto Marqués in Acapulco is located in the luxurious Pichilingue Diamante subdivision and is considered one of the best private beaches in Acapulco.

And if you are looking for something luxurious without thinking about the bill, this is the beach as it is surrounded by exclusive villas, hotels and famous condominiums. This location is characterized by the concurrence of artists and here celebrities of both national and international stature that can be observed on private yachts that usually sail on this and other nearby beaches. In addition, its gentle waves make this place a small diamond between the private beaches in Acapulco. Definitely one of the best hidden beaches in Acapulco